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Weight Loss Mindset 101

Reprogram Your Weight Loss Mindset eBook
The 5 Step Weight Loss Plan Special Report
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Weight Loss Success is achieved when YOU start with the proper mindset. 



70 Page Weight Loss Mindset eBook 


Weight Loss Mindset 101 eBook

Inside YOU Will Learn:

Building a Positive Outlook Towards Weight Loss

What is Body Image?

What Shapes our Body Image?

How Negative Body Image Affects Your Health

What is Self-Esteem?

Why are Body Image and Self-Esteem Important for Weight Loss?

Why has it Gotten to This Point?

How Do you Know What to Believe?

How to Gain a Positive Body Image

How to Succeed When You’ve Failed in the Past

Mentally Preparing to Begin a Weight Loss Plan

Reasons for Weight Loss

The Details of Weight Loss

Moderation is the Key

Portion Control

What to Do When You Overeat

Avoid Making Excuses

Helping you Stay Positive

Common Negative Thoughts and How to Avoid Them


Starting a New Hobby When You Start a Weight Loss Programs

Setting Intentions Before Beginning A Weight Loss Program

Don’t Follow A Set Diet

Lose Weight For Yourself – Not Others

Learning To Focus

Video: 5 Simple Tricks For Staying Positive While Losing Weight

This video contains five effective techniques you can use to keep yourself positive on your weight loss journey. It covers:

- Finding Enjoyment In Whatever You’re Doing

- Getting Creative In The Kitchen

- Questioning Your Thoughts

- Rewarding Yourself

- Keeping A Success Journal

Staying Positive for Weight Loss Mindset

Video: 5 Weight Loss Mindset Traps To Avoid

This video runs through five common mindset traps people often experience when trying to lose weight and then provides a solution for each one. It covers the following mindset traps:

‘Just One More’

‘This Won’t Work’

‘This Isn’t Fun’

‘I Can’t Do This’

‘I Have No Time’

weight loss mindset traps to avoid

Video: How To Deal With Weight Loss Setbacks Positively

This video contains a number of suggestions for dealing with the common setbacks that people often experience on their weight loss journey. It covers:

Don’t Judge Setbacks

Focus On The Positives

Use The Setback As A Learning Tool

Don’t Dwell On The Setback

Dealing with weight loss setbacks positively

Video: How To Develop A Positive Weight Loss Mindset

This video provides you with a number of practical tips for cultivating a positive attitude towards losing weight. It covers:

The Importance Of Belief

Setting Specific Goals

Developing A Mantra

Finding A Source Of Inspiration

The Importance Of Visualization

How to develop a weight loss mindset

Video – The Importance Of A Positive Weight Loss Mindset

This video runs through the benefits of staying positive while losing weight. It covers:

It Helps You Make Healthy Diet Choices

It Boosts Your Workout Performance

It Helps You Deal With Setbacks More Efficiently

It Increases The Production Of Healthy Hormones

importance of a weight loss mindset

Video – Blast Away Fat With Cardio

This video shows viewers how cardio training helps burn body fat. It covers:

How Cardio Helps You Burn Fat After Your Workout

Types Of Cardio Training You Can Incorporate Into Your Workouts

How To Incorporate Cardio Into Your Daily Routine

blast away fat with cardio

Video – Burn Fat With Bodyweight Exercises

This video provides viewers with demonstrations of four of the most effective fat burning bodyweight exercises. It covers:

Step Ups

Jump Squats

Jumping Jacks


burn fat with body weight exercises

Video – Drop The Pounds By Attending An Exercise Class

This video discusses five of the most effective exercise classes for losing weight. It covers:

Body Combat

Body Pump

Circuit Training



attend an exercise class

Video – Melt Away The Fat By Lifting Weights

This video runs through how weight training can help viewers blast through body fat. It covers:

Getting Access To Weights

Tracking Your Progress

Adding Variety To Your Routines

burn fat by lifting weights

Video – Top 5 Fat Loss Exercises

This video demonstrates five of the best exercises for burning body fat. It covers:


Butt Kicks

Jump Squats

Plank Jacks

Squat Jack

top five fat loss exercises

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