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Feel less hungary between meals by reducing hunger with Nature's Sunhine Stixated!


You can take these convienient drink packets along with you anywhere. Don't have time to eat? Just mix a drink packet in a bottle of water and temporarily drink your hunger away! View complete details here


Why It's Brilliant:

Nature's Sunshine Stixated combines Garcinia Cambogia and Chromium Picolinate in a flavorful (berry flavored) fiber blend. Each box contains 30 packets that you can take with you anywhere you go to mix with bottles of water. 


Nature's Sunshine Stixated can help you go longer between meals by giving you a feeling of fullness throughout the day. If you drink it between meals, you can avoid the "raviounous" hunger feeling. 



Garcinia Cambogia - An extract of a pumkin shaped fruit in Southeast Asia. Nature's Sunshine pure extract contains 60% of its active ingredient, hydroxyctric acid (HCA). HCA is the ingredient which may promote feelings of fullness.


Chromium - A mineral found in small amounts in whole grains and brightly colored fruits and vegitables. Chromium Picolinate helps activate insulin to aid the body in burning fat instead of the body storing it as fat. It may also assist in reducing cravings.


Fiber Blend - Each pack contains 3 grams of soluble fiber. This helps with weight management by promoting feelings of fullness. 


Recommended Use:

Pour the contents of one packet into 16 fluid ounces of water and mix. Drink one packet or more daily between meals. 1 box contains 30 packets.

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