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Personal Health Coach

Your New Personal Health Coach
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Also Included With (No Added Charge): Health Benefits Membership / Online Personal Training
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Welcome To Your NEW


Health Coach!


Health & Fitness Coach Michael Cummings

  Michael Cummings Founder

Are You Finally Ready to Make Some Changes....?

● Are you ready to finally change the quality of your health and life?

● Are you tired of being “tired” and looking to increase your energy level?

● Have you tried lots of different programs, pills and powders with no results?

● Would you like to manage and control your weight … FOREVER!

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’re in the right place .

If you’re like most people, you’ve already been through many ups and downs with your health,
including the Yo-Yo diet plans and the “I am going to start on Monday” broken self-promises.

I understand all the private conversations that take place in your head. The ones you’d never
share — with anybody. Yes, those ones .


But, today… right now — none of those past
experiences, negative self-talk or limiting beliefs matter.


Listen, you can CHOOSE a different path. You can CHOOSE a path that inspires you and
ignites your soul.


You can CHOOSE a path that will EMPOWER YOU.


Your personal journey will help you gain insight as to how your physical being affects your
mental and emotional being as well.

My overriding goal is to help you understand and gain “balance” in all parts of your life —
starting with your physical health.



Most people I talk to want to feel AMAZING and/or achieve a specific health/wellness goal but lack either the knowledge or resources to actually achieve that goal. 


When you Join the Brilliant Health and Fitness Club you will get me as your Wellness Health Coach! I will personally help you find the motivation and tools YOU NEED to achieve your wellness, physical and emotional health goals. Some examples of wellness goals I can help you with are:

Lose Weight

Have More Energy

Senior Fitness Help

Develope Better Eating Habits

Paleo Diet Assistance 

Live Glutten Free

Quit Smoking

Lower Stress

Cope With Diabetes

Cope With Addiction

Get Better Sleep

Help Managing Pain

Nutritional Supplement Selection

Natural Home Remedies

Parenting Tips (I have 3 Kids)

My Brilliant Health and Fitness Club is
nothing like the typical unsuccessful commercial programs you see on TV.

Instead, it’s a program that focuses on fueling your body with delicious, nutrient-dense foods that
boost your metabolism and help you release excess body fat – and increase your energy levels. We then add in a customized exercise program along with supplementation to fill in the gaps & you're on the way to good preventitive health. Your journey doesn't stop there... as i'll be with you every step of the way to provide assistance in overcomming all other life challenges thrown your way.

Consider me your own personal health, fitness, & life coach as I will make it my personal mission to support and coach you to feel better than you ever have before so you can enjoy life to its fullest.


If you’re interested in taking control of your health and fitness then the time is now to join the Brilliant Health and Fitness Club.


If you still have questions or want to find out more information about working with me then i'd be happy to speak with you. Just text "brilliant" to 77094 and schedule a FREE Consultation.

We Can Discuss:

● Your vision for your own health
● Challenges and obstacles that might stand in your way
● How I can help you achieve your goals and feel your absolute best


Employee Wellness Program:

Employers: We Would LOVE to Provide and Mangage Your Employee Wellness Program. So if You're Looking for a Unique, Affordable, & Turn-Key Wellness Program to Offer Your Employees then We WANT to Speak With You.



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