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Are you sick of being tied down to working out at one location? Workout ANYTIME and ANYWHERE with Brilliant Fitness online platforms. Our Brilliant Fitness platforms can help you achieve your weight management goals whether you have a gym membership, prefer to workout at home, are frequently on the road, or are seeking a personal trainer solution that is convenient and cost affordable for you. All our Brilliant Fitness platforms are completely mobile so they can be used on a personal computer with internet connection, tablet, or smartphone. Best of all, even if your going somewhere without internet connection, most of our Brilliant Fitness platforms have a solution for that too... (more below). 


Brilliant U: Weight Management 101

Do you know how your body works in relation to weight management? Often times education is the critical factor in a persons success or failure losing weight. Brilliant U: Weight Management 101 is a 12 module self-study program designed to give you the information you need to finally understand your body and win your weight management battle! Click here for more information!



Supplement your gym membership or power your home workouts with FitBuilder.  This awesome platform is only limited by your imagination.  First, you can choose from over 40 pre-made workouts designed for whatever goal you have. If your not the pre-made type of person, you can either modify one of the pre-made workouts or completely make your own workout from scratch with the builder tool that features over 7,000 exercises. If your not sure how to complete an exercise move, don't worry as FitBuilder has you covered. Each exercise has an attached video demonstration that features a real person! It's like having a personal trainer to take with you whenever you want! Click Here for more information!

FitBuilder keeps you on task with its cutting edge tracking tools. You can upload progress pictures, track and graph everything (repetitions, vital stats) and share everything with your friends!




Sick of spending hundreds of dollars on workout DVD's that just collect dust after you use them once? Are you the type of person who gets bored doing the same workout routine over and over again? Brilliant Fitness FitClass is your solution. 


FitClass is a digital on-demand platform that has over 450 high definition workout videos created by professional personal trainers.  Think Netflix but for workouts! You can search for your perfect workout by trainer, fitness goal, time, or target body area. Now anywhere can be your own personal workout space! Click here for more information!

Our library of workouts is ever expanding. New workouts get added each week but your cost NEVER will go up!


Take Brilliant FitBuilder & FitClass ANYWHERE!

Brilliant Fitness All-Access includes a FREE iPhone or Android app so you can take your workout with you anywhere you want.  You can also seamlessly complete, track, and transition between devices as the Brilliant Fitness platform autosynce's to your devices!


Going somewhere without internet access? Don't worry, Brilliant Fitness has you covered whether your going to another country or the middle of nowhere!   You can print any workout in the FitBuilder platform and/or download any workout video in the FitClass platform to your device! It is a truly portable solution. 


You can get access to either FitBuilder and FitClass independently or get access to both as an ALL ACCESS bundle. The choice is yours...


Brilliant Nutrition

Some people say your 30-60 minute daily workout is the easy part. What you do with the other 23-23.5 hours is the hard part, especially what you eat. Don't worry, we have you covered. Our Brilliant Nutrition platform can provide you with custom meal plans for every day of the week which are designed to keep you on track toward your goal. All you have to do is enter your basic information, activity level, foods you don't like so it can exclude recipes that contain them, and your goals. It will then develop a weekly meal plan that is complete with recipes and nutritional information down to the macronutrient level. Wait...It gets better. Our Brilliant Nutrition platform will even provide you with a grocery list for each week so you know exactly what you need from the store to enact the plan.



Brilliant FitClients Motivation

Do you constantly find yourself making excuses not to workout? Is it tough to find motivation? Don't worry, we can help keep you on track regardless of the workout plan you are on. We understand you may want to do your own thing or workout to another companies fitness program. Either way, we can help you stay motivated toward your goals by providing the right push you need. Here's how it works: Our world class platform will allow you to enter your goal and starting information (weight, stats). The platform will calculate when you will be on track to meet your goal and schedule weekly check-ins to keep you on track. Best of all... if you miss a check-in, it will send you an email to make sure you enter your progress. If you don't an notification will be sent you your motivational coach to make contact with you and give you the push you need. Click here for more information!


Online Personal Training

If you want results, nothing works like working with a certified personal trainer. We can give you all the benefits of working with a traditional personal trainer but without the heavy cost. For as little as a dollar a day, you can quit leaving your goals to chance and ensure you achieve success. Your certified personal trainer will help you utilize all of the Brilliant Fitness platforms to their maximum potential and coach you to success. Click here for more information! 


Results Guarantee

We are in the results business. We know what works and what doesn't. Our platforms work and will give you the results you need. We are so confident you will love working with us that you will never have to sign a long term contract with any of our services whether you want to use just one of our services or all of them.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for!

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