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Quit Buying Expensive DVD Workout Programs.

(Just think of how many workout DVD's you have sitting in your house collecting dust)



With Brilliant FitClass!

Get unlimited, 24/7/365, on demand access to over 70 world class trainers fitness videos.

We currently have over 550 videos on the platform and more gets added each week.

Finding the perfect workout is a breeze with our search for your video solution by goal, time, equipment, instructor, or company. 

Brilliant FitClass IS portable.

Long gone are the days where you would have to find room for DVD's to workout to when you travel.

With FitClass, you can stream any video on-demand via you computer, internet enabled TV, iPhone, or Android powered device from "The Cloud"!

(included iPhone/Android application with your subsription).

If your going somewhere without internet connection... don't worry, FitClass has you covered.

You can download any video to your device for complete portability!


Get Started Today! Choose Your Subscription Length & Take Your Workouts With You Everywhere....


Trainers and Workouts Featured on FitClass:

Alisa Daglio and Kris Reid

Body Type Workout Series (5 Videos)

Amy Bento

Hi-Lo Bootcamp & KickBox Surge

Andre Houle

BodyBar Workouts (2 Videos)

Andrea Metcalf

Keeping Fit Series (3 Videos)

No More Pain Series (8 Videos)

Flat Belly Core Workout

How To Build a Better Body Workout

Shaped Scupt Sexy Shoulders Workout

Yoga for Mind Body Connection

Ann Marie Sill

Step Generation Series (2 Videos)

Beth Shaw

BodyBar Yoga Strength

Bethenny Frankel

Skinnygirl Workout

Body By Bethenny

Brook Benten

Ultimate Progym in a Bag Workout

Stability Ball Workout

Brooke Hayward

Cycle All-Terrain Workout

Buddy Lee & Susan Pata

TRX Suspension Training: Cardio Circuit Workout

Carlos Arias

All Cardio Latin Xplosion

Cathe Friedrich

Core Series (4 Videos)

Cross Fire Series (3 Videos)

Gym Style Series (3 Videos)

H.I.I.T. Series (3 Videos)

STS Series (44 Videos)

Stetch Max Series (3 Vidoes)

To The Max Series (2 Videos)

More Great Fitness Videos Covering Various Fitness Goals (17 Workouts)

Chris Freytag

H.I.I.T Training Series (7 Videos)

Chris Freytag Series (10 Videos)

Clare Dunphy

BodyBar Series (3 Videos)

Daniel Gonzalez

Spanish Fitness Series (5 Videos)

David Life

Jivamukti Yoga Workout

Decan Condron

BootCamp Series (5 Videos)

Dumbell Series (3 Videos)

Expess Series (2 Videos)

Kettlebell Series (3 Vidoes)

MedBall Series (3 Videos)

Rock Solid Core Series (2 Videos)

Swiss Ball Series (3 Videos)

Total Body Series (3 Videos)

More Great Fitness Videos Covering Various Fitness Goals (35 Workouts)

Deirde Moris

Tapeless Sepping Workout

Denice Druce

Total Body Dancing Workouts (9 Videos)

Denny Kelly

Meditation, Yoga, and Self-Healing Workouts (3 Vidoes)

Desiree Bartlett

3-in-1 Total Body Fitness Workout

Prenatal Yoga Workout

Duncan Wang

Yogic-Arts Series (2 Vidoes)

Elisabeth Halfpapp

Core Fusion Series (4 Videos)

Ellen Barrett

Fat Burning Fusion Series (2 Videos)

Barefoot Cardio Workout

Grace + Gusto Workout

Happy Baby, Fit Mama Workout

Power Fusion Workout

Skinny Sculpt Workout 

Slim Sculpt Workout

Yogini Workout

Erin O'Brien

Postnatal Rescue Workout

Prenatal Fitness Fix Workout

Strong Body, Ageless Body Workout

Erin Donnelly

BodyBar Series (5 Videos)

Pre-Natal Toning Series (2 Videos)

Summer Shape Up Workout

Fraser Quelch

TRX Suspension Training Series (5 Videos)

Gay Gasper

Cario Step Series (3 Vidoes)

Guillermo Gomez

Martial Fusion Series (11 Videos)

Hemalayaa Behl

Bollywood Workout Series (4 Videos)

Beautiful Belly Workout

Haria Montagnani

PowerStrike Series (14 Vidoes)

Jennifer Galardi

Ballet Body Series (5 Videos)

Flowetry Series (9 Videos)

Sweating Sexy Series (2 Videos)

Jessi Stensland

TRX Suspension Training: MultiSport Strength Workout

Jessica Smith

10 Pounds Down Series (10 Videos)

Jon Giswold

On The Road Series (4 Videos)

JMG Wedge Work Workout

Parts & Labor Workout

On The Ball Workout

Joshua Rogers

Fusion (Martial Arts ) Workout Series (6 Videos)

Judi Brown

Intense Interval Training (3 Videos)

Kathy Smith

Staying Strong Workout

Total Body Turnaround Workout

Fat Burning Breakthrough Workout

Belly Dance Workout

Lower Body Firming Workout

Latin Rhythem Workout

Lift Weights to Lose Weight Workout

Matrix Method: Powerwalk for Weight Loss Workout

New Yoga Basics Workout

New Yoga Challenge Workout

Pilates For AbsWorkout

Pilates for the Lower Body Workout

Keli Roberts

BodyBar Workout Series (4 Videos)

Kelly Coffey-Meyer

Curcuit Training Series (2 Videos)

Total Body Series (4 Videos)

Olympic Style Lifting Workout

Plyometric Training Workout

Legs + Glutes Workout

Athletic Step Workout

Kent Katich

Yogaletics Series (2 Videos)

Kim Miller

Aerobic Euphoria Series (2 Videos)

Kimberly Miguel Mullen

Dance & Be Fit Series (2 Videos)

Kimberly Spreen

Absolute Kickboxing Workout

Cardio Combat Surge Workout

Hi-Lo Kickbox Bootcamp Workout

Kristi Molinaro

30/60/90 Workout 1

Kristin McGee

BendiGirl Yoga (Kids)

Pilates for Beginners Workout

Power Yoga Workout

Weight Loss Pilates Workout

Yoga Tone Workout

Lashaun Dale

BodyBar Workout Series (4 Videos)

Lashaun Dale with Carey Bond

BodyBar: Sport Zone Workout

Leila Fazel

Aero Barre (Hot) Workout

Lisa Goldenthal

Skinny Jeans Workout

Lisa Nunziella

Dance to Enhance Workout

Hip Hop Cardio Workout

Latin Dance Workout

Red Hot Salsa (Made Simple) Workout

Red Hot Salsa (Extra Hot) Worktou

Maya Fiennes

Kundalini Yoga to Dextox & Destress Workout

Michael Olajide Jr.

C.T.B.S. Aero Jump Sculpt Workout

Mindy Mylrea

BodyBar Workout Series (3 Videos)

Moira Merrithew

Pilates Weight Loss Boost Series (3 Videos)

Sunrise Workout

Revive Workout

Core Challenge Workout

Molly Fox

Skinny Jeans Series (2 Videos)

Nekea Brown

Amazing Hot Stepping Workout

Patricia Moreno

Inten Sali Series (4 Videos)

Patrick Goudeau

Hard Work Series (3 Videos)

Playball Series (2 Vidoes)

Dumb Training Workout

Not Your Mama's Step Workout

QuickStep Workout

Step Up Workout

Petra Kolber

Cardio for Beginners Workout

PJ O'Clair & Moira Merrithew

Stability Ball Challenge Workout

Rob Glick

BodyBar: Deep Definition Workout

Robert Sherman

Cycle Interval Series (2 Videos)

Cycle Challenge Workout

Sarita Lou

Dance & be Fit Hip Hop Cardio Workout

Scott Cole

Discover Tai Chi Series (4 Videos)

Tai Chi Training Series (2 Videos)

Millennium Stretch Workout

Chair Strenth & Stretch Workout

Disco Dojo Workout

Breath Chi Kung Workout

Best Abs on Earth Workout

Season Zieger

Stepping Up Workout

Bosu Blast & Core Workout

Sharon Gannon

Chakra Balancing Yoga Workout

Sharon Money Twombly

All Body Step Attack & Core Workout

Athletic Step Workout

Cardio Toning Workout

Stability Ball Workout

Sherri Jacquelyn

Cross-Training Cardio Boxing Workout

Sherry Catlin

BodyBar Series (2 Videos)

Shiva Rea

Creative CoreAbs Workout

Flow Yoga for Beginners Workout

Radiant Heart Yoga Workout

Stacy Lei Krauss

WillPower Series (2 Videos)

Stephanie Levinson

Get Waisted Workout

Ultimate Cardio Sculpt Workout

Wedding Dress Arms Workout

Steve Jordan

Kick Butt Cardio Workout


Step Surge Workout

Tracie Long

Focus Series (5 Videos)

ReBoot Series (2 Videos)

Figure 30 Series (2 Videos)

Back Up Workout

Defining Shape Workout

Leaning Out Workout

Step Forward Workout

Staying Power Workout

Violet Zaki

Weight Loss Cardio Kick Workout

Companies Featured on Brilliant FitClass Are:


10 Pounds Down

Acacia Fitness


Andrea Metcalf, Inc


Buff Girl Fitness


Creative Instructors Aerobics

Daniel Gonzalez

Fitness Content

Fitness Essentials

GoFit, LLC


Kathy Smith Lifestyles

Kristi Fitness, LLC

Kristin McGee, LLC


Martial Fusion

Molly Fox

Patrick G Fitness


RFS Fitness


Steve Jordan Acceleration

Scott Pilates

Tracie Long Fitness




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