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Fit For Life

Fit For Life eBook
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BONUS: 7 Page Special Report
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How many times have you decided to exercise and not taken action? You know exercise is good for you, yet the motivation hasn’t surfaced.

There is definitely a difference between knowing you should do something and wanting to do something, and exercise often gets pushed to the side because quite frankly no one really wants to do it.

The key to exercising, and wanting to exercise, is twofold. The first component to success is to find an exercise that you actually like. No joke, there are probably dozens of exercises that you would find fun and enjoyable. The second component of this is to align your newfound fun exercise options with your goals.

What do you want to achieve by exercising and how do you want it to improve your life?

Over the course of this eBook we’ll take a look at 15 ways that exercise improves your life. You’ll have an abundance of benefits to choose from. We’ll also talk about a wide variety of exercises along the way so you can begin to think beyond the elliptical and treadmill. Those are both great exercise machines, but there are more options to consider.

Rest assured, once you find an exercise or two that you enjoy and you begin to realize the benefits of exercise, you will become a lifetime exerciser. Let’s get started!

Find out how to be FIT FOR LIFE from!

Actual Table of Contents:

Introduction: The Motivation You Need to Exercise?

Chapter #1: Exercise Helps You Lose Weight and Maintain Weight Loss

  • An Example of a Simple Weight Loss Exercise

Chapter #2: Exercise Helps Prevent Chronic Disease and Can Reverse Some Diseases

  • Type II Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Dementia

Chapter #3: Exercise Improves Your Mood

  • Exercises that Improve Your Mood

Chapter #4: Regular Exercise Boosts Your Energy

  • Example of Exercises that Create Energy

Chapter #5: Regular Exercise Helps You Get Better Sleep

  • Exercises that Help Boost Sleep

Chapter #6: Regular Exercise Helps Improve Your Sex Life

  • What Types Of Exercises Boost Libido?

Chapter #7: Exercise Brings More Fun Into Your Life

  • Tips For Finding Exercises That Are Fun

Chapter #8: Regular Exercise Gives You a Boost of Confidence

  • What Exercises Boost Confidence?

Chapter #9: Exercise Can Help You Improve Your Discipline and Determination

  • An Example of Exercise Discipline and Determination

Chapter #10: Exercise Improves Your Ability to Set, and Achieve, Goals

Chapter #11: Exercise Helps You Enjoy Improved Self-Care

Chapter #12: Regular Exercise Helps You Lead a Better Lifestyle

Chapter #13: Exercise Helps Improve Your Brain Power

  • What Types of Exercises Improve Brain Power?

Chapter #14: A Better Outlook on Life

  • Exercises that Help Boost Mood

Chapter #15: Exercise Helps You Enjoy the Benefits of Competition and Camaraderie

Conclusion: How to Fit Exercise into Your Life




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