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Dieter's Cleanse (14 Day)

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Nature's Sunshine Dieters Cleanse is an all natural 14 day cleanse program designed to kickstart your weight managment plan.


The contents of this cleanse come in pre-packaged packets for AM, Noon, and PM so you can just grab what you need for the day and go.


Dieters Cleanse is great for the busy person that wants to do an EASY cleanse program and see FAST results. View Complete Product Details Here 


Why It's Brilliant:

Proper cleansing of the digestive tract allows for better elimination of waste and improved absorption of nutrients from the food you eat. Dieter’s Cleanse is a safe, simple, convenient cleansing program. Product elements provide dietary fiber, support the production of digestive enzymes and bile, nourish the liver and glandular system, promote detoxification and support the body’s weight-management mechanisms.


Kick off your weight-loss program by using Dieter’s Cleanse for one week.


Ingredients: Each box of Dieter’s Cleanse contains 14 AM packets, 14 NOON packets and 14 PM packets. The following NSP products are elements of Dieter’s Cleanse: Bowel Detox (2 capsules in AM and NOON packets), Master Gland (2 capsules in AM and NOON packets), Enviro-Detox (1 capsule in AM and NOON packets), Liver Cleanse Formula (1 capsule in AM and NOON packets), LBS II (3 capsules in PM packet), SF (2 capsules in PM packet) and Chromium (1 capsule in PM packet). 


Recommended Use: Take 1 AM packet with breakfast. Take 1 NOON packet with lunch. Take 1 PM packet with dinner. Then begin your weight-management program. The second-week supply of Dieter’s Cleanse can be used during recommended rest periods of other NSP weight-loss programs. This product may also be used by any adult desiring a two-week cleanse. This product could produce bowel movements during the night or in the morning.


NOTE: This product contains cascara sagrada, buckthorn and Turkey rhubarb. See your health care provider prior to use if: pregnant or nursing, any medical condition exists, or when taking any medication. Read and follow recommendation carefully. Not intended for prolonged use. Do not use if diarrhea, loose stools or abdominal pain are present or develop. Use of this product may worsen these conditions and be harmful to your health. Chronic diarrhea can result in serious illness.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kirsten, 01/12/2014

I tried the Dieter's Cleanse to rid myself of toxins before starting my weightloss supplement and exercise program. I wasn't sure what to expect since I had never done anything like this before. I am very pleased with this product. So pleased that I recommended my husband to try the second week. I felt absolutely GREAT while taking this, totally refreshed! Energy level even increased! I would say I lost 5lbs while doin this cleanse in the first week. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to start new!

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