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Top Methods To Assess Your Physical Fitness Level

Why Fitness Is More Than How Much You Weigh.

Your weight is simply a number on a scale-- and more than likely an incorrect one at that. Yet some people stress over that number like it's an indicator of life or death. Weight can fluctuate by several ounces or even a pound over night. But exactly what you acquire one day as an outcome of water retention, you'll lose the next day. To actually gain a pound of weight over night, you would have to have actually consumed 3,500 more calories than you burned, making your calorie intake for the previous day at around 5,500; not really practical. Much better indications of your fitness level are:


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Recuperation Heart Rate

One method to measure your overall cardiovascular fitness level is measure your recovery heart rate. Perform a workout, such as walking, running or biking that brings your heart rate approximately its target heart rate level-- 70 to 80% of your optimum heart rate level (220 minus your age). Stop working out and after a minute of rest take your heart rate again. A drop of 15 to 20 beats after a minute of rest suggests a healthy system, while a drop of 12 or less shows a less than optimum heart physical fitness level.

Muscular Strength

Muscle strength describes the capability of a muscle or muscle group to exert maximum force. One method to measure it is to make use of the 1RM (Repetition Maximum) approach. With this method you evaluate muscular strength versus a set formula: 1RM=(0.033 increased by the RTF multiplied by the load) + load.

As an example, you must have the ability to lift 50 kilograms (110 pounds) for 9 repetitions before tiring significantly; your 1RM would be 65kg (0.033 X 9 X 50) +50=65kg. If you can't raise 9 repititions, you are not in good muscular strength condition. Repeat this test as your physical fitness level boosts.

Muscle Endurance

Muscle endurance describes the capability of a muscle to perform a constant effort without significantly tiring. A great measure of upper body strength is the pushup. Throughout a one-minute time, do as many pushup as you can. As your physical fitness level boosts, so will certainly the variety of pushups you can do in one minute.


The flexibility of a joint is measured by its range of motion. One simple test is to rest on the floor and attempt to touch your toes. If you can, you have typical versatility. If not, then you should utilize stretching workouts to enhance flexibility. The stretch should be held for 10 to 30 seconds prior to unwinding. Do not bounce; simply hold a stable stretch.

Body Composition

This refers to the amount of body fat you are carrying. While water displacement is a more precise approach, a set of skin-fold calipers will certainly supply great outcomes. Measure simply above the hip bone and simply to the side of the belly button. A 30 to 50 year old male must be in the 11-- 17 % variety while the same aged lady should be 15-- 23 %.

Take these measurements at the beginning of your physical fitness training program then occasionally throughout to examine your improvement. The numbers will certainly tell the tale of your body fat percentage.

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