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Managing Your Blood Sugar During the Holidays

Managing Your Blood Sugar During the Holidays

The holidays are the hardest part of the year to see to it your blood sugar remains well managed as a diabetic. Everywhere you look there is sugar filled fudge and egg nog or carbohydrate filled stuffing. All of the main standard holiday foods are very much made to raise your blood sugar. So, how do you make sure you manage appropriately?

Find out how to manage you blood sugar during the holidays from!

1. Eat prior to you go to a party.

If you know you're going to a party or supper, eat a low carb treat in advance so you're not as hungry. You'll have the ability to make smarter decisions and won't wind up eating as much. This is especially vital for buffet style meals where you might easily end up with plate after plate of foods that aren't going to treat you kindly.

2. Fill on turkey and low carbohydrate side dishes.

There will certainly nearly always be lower carb choices when it pertains to side dishes. Attempt things like deviled eggs, salads (not potato or pasta, clearly), cheeses, and veggies.
Casseroles can be great however can also be tricky. Look out for sly carbohydrates from cream soups or crispy garnishes.

3. Plan ahead and bring your preferred low calorie side.

If you want to ensure there's something you take pleasure in consuming there, bring your very own side dish. The host will value it and probably will understand. Besides, maybe there will be another visitor there who is fretting about their blood sugar too.

4. Be picky with your carbohydrate heavy meals.

You're just going to consume numerous carbs so be fussy! If you truly want that pumpkin pie you might need to avoid a few of that potato salad. Do some study on the average carb counts of popular vacation dishes so you can make enlightened choices about what's all right and exactly what's too much.

5. Test often and remember your medications!

If you're on any diabetes medication see to it you take it appropriately and at the correct time. It can be easy to get wrapped up in holiday celebrations, however ignoring your medication can be disastrous.

You must test you blood sugar regularly when you're in a circumstance where your blood sugar level may go high. Even if you generally only test 2 times a day, it's worth adding another test or two to make certain you've managed effectively and can adjust your medication or diet to compensate if you didn't.

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