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Home Remedies for Migraines

Home Remedies for Migraines


If you have ever had a true migraine, you certainly don’t want one again.  Migraines can be a very painful condition and for most people worse than any normal headache pain could ever give you.  People who suffer from migraines find the pain so excruciating that sometimes they can’t even bare or concentrate on performing even the easiest daily tasks.  People who suffer from migraines also find that they are very sensitive to light exposure and can worsen your migraine dramatically.  Although there are a few prescription medications that can be prescribed for this particular condition, many people have found that home remedies in some ways work better in the long run in relieving the pains and symptoms of a migraine.  Here are a few of the most commonly used home remedies that you can try if you or someone you know suffers from migraines. 

Mud Therapy –even though this might sound a bit crazy this is a home remedy that can actually help to relieve and treat your migraine.  You can find therapy mud at your local pharmacy or your local health and beauty store.  Simply take clean and fine clay and mix it with fresh water to create a paste.  You then apply the paste to your forehead and let the mud therapy paste on your forehead for at least 30-45 minutes.  You can repeat this procedure up to 3-4 times a day and is very beneficial in relieving even the most painful migraine pains.

Chamomile Tea – is great for a person who wants to relax, sleep, and relieve their migraine pain. Simply brew a cup of hot chamomile tea and consume the cup at the onset of your migraine.  This has been tested and proved to help relieve pains associated with migraines as well as aiding in the treatment of the migraine.  Drinking the same mixture at bedtime can also help you to relax and sleep through the night without the hassle of waking up to another awful migraine. 

Massage – is one of the best home remedies when it comes to relieving a migraine.  Headaches are normally caused by stress and when you are stressed your muscles also tense up.  Getting a massage can significantly reduce your tensed up muscles and provide your body and your head with instant relief.  Massaging the neck, shoulder region, and base of the skull can dramatically reduce the tension in those areas and also provide you with relief in an episode of a migraine.  This home remedy works best if someone else gives you the massage, although you can also give your own self a neck and head massage as well and still alleviate some of the migraine pain.

Ginger and Peppermint Oil – this is another great home remedy and can be performed all in the comforts of your own home.  Ginger and peppermint oil have been tested and shown to help with the pains and treatment of migraines.  Simply add more ginger to your meal plans or you can also take ginger supplements found at your local pharmacy or nutritional store and also find relief to your migraine symptoms.  Rubbing peppermint oil on your head when can also dramatically reduce the pain of a migraine.  This is a home remedy that has been used for many years and is believed to help almost instantly with the pain and treatment of a migraine.


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