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Weight Loss: Holidays

How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Staying in shape during the holiday season is a great challenge for many healthy moms. While the temptation to eat whatever you want and skip your exercise routine, you probably don't want to start the New Year with an extra 10 pounds.

Should You Attempt To Lose Weight During Christmas?

This is a tough concern for a variety of factors; however, mainly because it has a lot to do with the person. Reducing weight is an individual selection that can depend on a huge variety of different factors ranging from something as basic as a personal objective or preference to medical factors. 

Party Tips For Weight Watchers

The holiday celebration season is one of the most hazardous times of the year for anyone who is attempting to enjoy their waist. As if the continuous bombardment of marketing from TELEVISION and shops about food wasn't bad enough, it's also the time of year that individuals are making all kinds of tasty, special seasonal foods that you can just navigate this time of year. For weight watchers, it isn't a party and a buffet table, it's a combat zone. 

How Much Weight Can I Lose by Christmas

This is such a typical question around the Holidays. Everybody wishes to look great so they're questioning how much weight they can lose before a certain celebration or event. It may be a Christmas Eve party with pals, Christmas with the family, or a big New Years party.

Holiday Weight Loss Myths Debunked

The weight loss industry is full of myths. Everywhere you look people are telling you what you must do and should not do and a great deal of it isn't based upon facts or is way too basic to be true.

Specifying Your Holiday Weight Loss Goals

One of the biggest errors people make going into the holidays with weight-loss in mind is never ever specifying their goals. They simply say they desire to drop weight during the holidays. Without defined goals your possibilities to do well are low, so take the time to prepare out exactly what you desire to achieve.

5 Breakfast Ideas to Help You Lose Weight in the Holidays

Many individuals trying to reduce weight throughout the holidays start skipping breakfast which leads to binging and overindulging later in the day. Breakfast is too crucial to avoid! If you're having trouble coming up with a healthy winter breakfast, give these a try or develop your very own with these tips.

3 Ideas for Burning Calories in the Winter

As soon as the cold months hit it appears more difficult than ever to discover the time to exercise. It's too cold and icy for running, you cannot swim outdoors, and many summer activities aren't practical any longer. Do not stress however, you can still get a good workout in winter season and have a terrific time while you're at it! Here are three fun ideas for burning calories during the winter season.

Top Holiday Weight Loss Mistakes


If you wish to drop weight during the holidays you're going to have to be more mindful than ever to stay clear of the huge mistakes of dieting. You have to strike a balance between enjoying your weight, being healthy, and still enjoying yourself. Here are a few of the leading errors I see holiday dieters making.

3 Holiday Weight Gain Excuses to Avoid

When the holiday begins to roll around it gets a lot easier to forget your objectives and stop working on your diet, but that's a big error! Normally from mid October to mid January "the vacations" are a tremendous 2-3 months which's an entire quarter of the year. If you're working hard to reduce weight the rest of the year it's a big waste to throw all of it away for just a couple of months of treats.