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Fitness: Motivation

Motivational Video: Lead, Follow, or Get the Hell Out of The Way!

Motivational Video From Trainer Michael Cummings: Lead, Follow, or Get the Hell Out of the Way!

You Can't Change the Past.. But You CAN Change YOUR Future

Motivational Video from Trainer Michael Cummings: You Can't Change the Past... But YOU CAN Influence YOUR Future!

The Link Between Exercise and Mental Wellness

The brain is a complex organ that we still have much to find out about; however, studies and researches are beginning to see connections between working out the physical body and enhancing mental wellness.

Will Exercise Help You Live Longer?

Several studies over a number of years have shown that if we have certain danger factors, such as an unhealthy LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio, hypertension or a waist over half of our height, we have an enhanced risk for developing cardiovascular disease. What we didn't understand till recently was the part exercise played in increasing our longevity.

How Physical fitness Can Effect Every Area of Your Life

There are numerous wellness advantages to getting fit-- both mental and physical, which we discuss later on in the post. However first, let's discuss exercising itself.

How Does Exercise Help Beat Stress?

When confronted with perceived risk, the body's normal response is to flood the bloodstream with adrenaline and cortisol. If we genuinely were in a battle or flight scenario, the increased levels of these hormone would be needed to help us "escape". It is the enhanced levels of these two hormones that produces the stress response we feel.

Here's How Exercise Makes You Happy

You have actually probably noticed you have a boost of self-confidence and positive energy after you work out. Even long after working out, jogging or cycling, you discover yourself smiling more and even feeling better about your life and those around you. Why is that? It is due to the fact that workout makes human beings happy. But how does this work?

10 Unusual Advantages of Working Out

Exercising can definitely help you get in shape and remain physically fit. However, it likewise provides the following 10 mind blowing and uncommon advantages that only working out and physical exertion offer.

8 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

Regular physical activity is one of the healthiest prescriptions to improve your health. However, before starting any exercise program, be sure to consult with your doctor first. You have to know if you are healthy enough to engage in regular physical exercise before starting any program.

5 Ways Exercise helps Your Relationships

Whether married or single, you can benefit from the boost that work out gives each and every relationship in your life. Here are 5 reasons why...

5 Ways Exercise Will Make You A More Confident Person

Exercise not just burns fat and promotes a healthy heart, however it also makes you more positive. Confidence arises from the positive sensations you have about your self-beliefs. When you feel good about yourself and your actions, that favorable energy makes you positive in everything that you attempt.

5 Reasons Why Exercise Is Good For Your Heart

There are lots of various ways that exercise benefits your heart. And all of these benefits originate from the truth that exercise promotes healthy blood circulation throughout your body, and improves the oxygen level in your brain. When your blood flow is unrestricted, your heart does not need to work as tough. And when your brain gets plenty of oxygen, it runs more effectively. From a basic walk with your regional park to an extreme session of strength training, exercise is good for your heart for the following 5 reasons:

5 Ways a Daily Walk Can Enhance Your Life

We all know the health advantages of walking, such as slimming down, enhancing muscles, and reducing the danger of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancer, but a brisk 30-minute walk each day likewise provides numerous non-physical benefits. Here are 5 of them...

7 Great Benefits of Exercise

7 benefits of exercise

Did you know exercise can IMPROVE YOUR SEX LIFE? And that is just one our of 7 great benefits of exercise outlined in this post!