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Diet: Healthy Desserts

Healthy Strawberry Tart

Healthy Strawberry Tart Recipe from

A wonderful dessert that is fancy and yet simple. The delicious blend of chocolate, strawberries and citrus make this a light after meal delight.

No Bake Chocolate Brownie Balls

Do you ever crave the taste of a good brownie but know it’s probably not the best snack to grab? These brownie balls are an awesome and healthy alternative. They’re completely no bake and don’t use eggs so you can make them quickly as well!

Paleo Flourless Zucchini Brownies Recipe

Making fresh and healthy paleo desserts is an interesting and fun challenge. Most deserts use tons of sugar and flour but we all know that’s not what we want to fill our bodies with. We want tasty and nutritious ingredients.

Portioned Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes

When moving forward with building healthier habits and losing weight I learned that I can’t deny myself dessert, I love it too much. Instead I needed to focus on creating lower calorie dessert options. I also need to make sure they’re pre-portioned whenever possible. If they’re not I’m just going to try to grab the biggest piece I can every time and throw off my entire day.

Pumpkin Pie Dip Recipe

The first time I heard about pumpkin pie dip I thought it was a little weird but then I got to thinking. It would be so much easier to portion and you could cut calories by not having the crust. Maybe I could even use some lower calorie ingredients but still get a great pumpkin flavor.

Slow Cooker Stuffed Apples

On a cold day there’s nothing quite like a good baked apple. These stuffed apples are great because they take advantage of the natural sweetness of the fruit to create an amazing dessert. On top of that you make them in the slow cooker so you can set them to go before you start cooking dinner and they’ll be ready by the time you’ve eaten, cleaned up, and settled in for the evening.

Healthy Tomato Basil Skewers Recipe

When you’re planning appetizers for your holiday parties a cheese plate is just one of those things you naturally know you need, but how easy is it to go overboard on cheese? Sticking to lower fat cheeses like mozzarella is a great way to still get your cheese fix without packing on the calories. When you pair it with something like a juicy tomato and a bit of basil you get tons of extra flavor, a more satisfying snack, and barely any extra calories. If you want them to look fancy you can get nice bamboo skewers or you can just use plain old toothpicks.

Low Calorie Wine Spritzer Recipe

Wine is delicious but it’s also full of calories. I love the taste but I know if I want to keep losing weight I can’t have very much. The wine spritzer on the other hand is a great way to enjoy the taste of your favorite wine without the calories! The general recipe is simple, you take two ounces of your favorite wine and mix it with two ounces of club soda. It works, but it’s kind of boring, isn’t it? Here’s a more seasonal wine spritzer recipe that’s worth trying.

Low Calorie Winter Sangria Recipe

Mmm, who doesn’t love a good sangria? I know most people see sangria as a summer drink but did you know that National Sangria Day is on December 20thThe great thing about sangria is that you can make a few small changes and get a unique flavor that’s still awesome. For example, try this yummy and low calorie winter sangria...

Low Calorie Peppermint Fudge Recipe

Fudge is one of those things it’s just hard to say no to during the holiday season. It can be really tough! The thing is, there is no way to make fudge without it being loaded with sugar, it’s just how fudge works. I’ve found two things that really help when it comes to fudge. Pull out some of the calories by using reduced fat ingredients and add peppermint.

Low Calorie Peppered Herb Cheese Ball

Cheese balls are a tough one. They’re literally balls of cheese, and what is cheese? Fat and calories. It’s also delicious. Want a lower calorie option that still has the cheese ball goodness? Give this recipe a try.

Healthy Low Calorie Hummus Recipe

You can’t have a great veggie plate without dip! I love ranch dip, spinach dip, and all of those great creamy dips but hummus also goes great with pretty much any vegetable. It’s also very healthy and you can cut out some calories along the way making it the perfect low calorie dip. We cut out calories by using lower calorie yogurt and using less olive oil. It’s still creamy and delicious but will keep you on track to losing some pounds.

Low Calorie Egg Nog

Egg nog is one of those holiday staples but it’s so full of sugar and fat it can be really hard to justify drinking it when you’re actively trying to lose weight.  Some egg nog brands have as much as 440 calories in just 8 ounces, that’s the same as three glasses of wine and that’s not even including whatever alcohol you may choose to add!

Low Calorie Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are one of those things where you may not initially be thinking they’re full of calories, but think about this. It’s not just the calories in the egg, it’s also the mayo you put into the filling. What if you could make a great deviled egg without using a ton of mayo? That pulls out so many calories! Try this recipe and you’ll never go back. It may sound a bit weird but trust me and give it a try.