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Fitness: BodyBuilding

The best ways to Determine Your Bodybuilding Progress

There are a number of methods to chart your muscle building progress. Some are more precise than others. To obtain an accurate measurement of where you are at with your muscle building development, do not depend on.....

How to Break Through a Muscle building Plateau

Regardless if you are just starting the sport of body building or a have been training for years, eventually you'll strike it-- that dreaded plateau-- the location in your training program where despite what you do, you can't make any development.

9 Necessary Pieces of Equipment for Your Home Body Building Gym

With these 9 devices, you can actually create dozens of various regimens that work the upper and lower body, together with the core...

Does Increased Strength Directly Relate to Bodybuilding?

The answer to the question in the article title is yes and no. How's that for an intricate response! Let me describe....


Building Muscle as a Vegetarian or Vegan

When it comes building muscle, diet plan is essential - particularly eating sufficient protein and carbs, and keeping food in your stomach throughout the day. So can you get sufficient protein and carbohydrates from a mostly plant-based diet plan to develop muscle?

Barbells vs. Dumbbells for Building Muscle Mass

Like with numerous pieces of fitness equipment, there is constantly a controversy about which piece is best. With barbells and dumbbells both are good at exactly what they do-- constructing muscle mass.

A Quick Guide to the Science of Muscle Development

How and why do muscles grow? Scientifically, the procedure is really basic. Practice the following 4 steps and you will certainly harness the science of muscle development for a leaner, stronger, much healthier body. 

A Guide to the Muscles of the Leg

Leg muscles are a few of the biggest and strongest muscles in the body. Before trying to grow them in size, it is necessary to first comprehend their anatomy. By knowing where they are situated and what they do, each of them can be targeted with particular exercises.

A Guide to the Muscles of the Chest

The chest is comprised of 2 main muscles groups-- the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor-- and one small muscle, the serratus anterior. All these muscles, except the serratus anterior, connect...

Arm Muscles Overview

Understanding the anatomy of the arm is the primary step to enhancing its size. By knowing where the muscles lie in the arm and exactly what they do, each of them can be targeted with particular workouts. There are three major muscles groups in the arm:

An Overview of the Muscles in the Back and Shoulders

If your intent is to enhance the size of your shoulders and back then it is very important to initially comprehend their anatomy. By understanding where they lie and what they do, each of them can be targeted with specific workouts.

An Overview of the Core Muscles

Not only does a conditioned core make you look great, it is the major group of muscles that support you in an upright position. Your erect posture results from these 3 primary muscle groups of the abdominal core:

A Guide to Good form for Bodybuilding Workouts

We've all seen it while exercising at the health club: some guy swinging a barbell or dumbbell loaded with weights way heavier than he need to be lifting, in order to get it to the top of each repetition.

8 of the Best Sources of Protein for Bodybuilding

While there are hundreds of foods including protein that you can eat to develop muscle, these 8 are the very best and will certainly offer you the fastest outcomes:


7 Tips for Injury-Free Strength Training

Staying totally free from injuries when you are strength training can be tough. Considering that you are stressing your body, injury dangers are plentiful. Exercise the following 7 suggestions for injury-free strength training and you will get the maximum physical benefits without any unpleasant downtime.

3 Things You Should Know About Building Muscle Mass

Building muscle mass is a process requiring determination, persistence and the desire to prosper. But to be effective, you need to understand these 3 things before starting your muscle building journey: