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Arm Muscles Overview

An Overview of the Muscles of the Arm

Understanding the anatomy of the arm is the primary step to enhancing its size. By knowing where the muscles lie in the arm and exactly what they do, each of them can be targeted with particular workouts. There are three major muscles groups in the arm:


The bicep is made up of 2 muscles. One muscle has two heads or connection points on one end (the long head and brief head), hence the term "bi" meaning two. Located on the front part of the upper arm between the elbow and shoulder, both heads connect on one end to the shoulder blade, run along the front of the humerus, and terminate at the other end to the radius bone simply below the elbow. The bicep enables you to flex your arm upward at the pivot point (elbow) in a curling movement.

The second muscle is the brachialis. It is a small muscle under the bicep brachii. It connects the humerus bone in the upper arm to the ulna, the longer bone in the forearm, and is the greatest flexor muscle of the elbow.

Lower arms:

The lower arm muscle group is made up of two significant muscles -- the pronator teres and brachiodradoalis. With your palm facing up, the pronator teres is located on the within of the elbow joint. This muscle allows you to turn your hand from a palm up to a palm down position. The brachioradialis connects at the lower end of the humerus in the arm to the radius bone in the lower arm simply above the wrist. It too works to assist bend the arm at the elbow.

Triceps muscles:

Simply as the "bi" in arms suggests two, the "tri" in tricep means it has three heads-- the lateral, long and medial. While the biceps are on the front part of the arm and enable you to flex your arm at the elbow (flex), the triceps brachii are located on the back of the arm and function to bring your arm back down to straight (extend).


This muscle is situated along the beyond the back of the arm and links the humerus and shoulder blade (scapula) to the ulna in the forearm.


The long head lies on the within on the back of the arm and links the very same as the lateral head. It too assists in helping the elbow extend, but it also offers some stabilization to the shoulder joint.


While the long and lateral head lie on the outside and inside back of the arm respectively, the medial head lies midway between the other 2 muscles. Connectivity is the exact same as the other two heads, nevertheless the function is more carefully associated to the lateral head.

Build Arm Muscle

Here are some workouts that target each of the arm muscles:

Arms-- Barbell and dumbbell curls
Brachialis-- Hammer curls and reverse grip barbell curls
Forearms-- Palm up barbell wrist curls over a bench
Brachioradialis - Palm down barbell wrist curls over a bench
Triceps-- Lying tricep press and close grip bench press

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We know exercise builds muscles; however, the mistake a lot of people new to bodybuilding make is they concentrate on working just the biceps to obtain huge looking arms. Since all of the muscles in the arm need to collaborate when bending and extending, all have to be of similar size and strength so be sure to work all muscles in your arms for maximum effectiveness.

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