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Alternative Remedies for the Flu

Alternative Remedies for the Flu

There are hundreds of various cold and flu viruses, a lot of them routinely change themselves on an annual basis in response to their own environment. This implies that any conventional clinical remedy is not possible. This is due to the fact that of the way in which current antibiotics and medications are established. For this reason many of the exact same treatments which were utilized by our ancestors continue to be used today in order to reduce the length of time the flu virus affects your body. The flu will usually influence between 10 and 35% of the population each year, relying on the virulence of seasonal flu range and how well protected individuals keep themselves.

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The Need for a Flu Cure?

There is no real cure needed for the flu virus due to the fact that the body will recuperate spontaneously. However, using procedures to prevent the beginning of the ailment and treatments that can shorten the length of it as soon as you contract the flu, you will certainly not need to spend as much time suffering.

In close quarters, conditions are always ripe for the spread of the virus which describes why the highest occurrence of the flu is in kids in between the ages of five to 18 who invest many of their time in school. Nevertheless, the most serious complications take place in older grownups and those whose immune system is compromised from underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, cancer or AIDS.

Anitbiotic Issues

In the past number of years the overuse of prescription antibiotics has actually become a major problem. It has actually led to the resistance in numerous disease causing germs and the mutation of the influenza virus when exposed to these drugs. (1) Over-the-counter cough and cold medications sales are a number of billion dollars each year. Every year the pharmaceutical industry comes out with another flu shot to help with the seasonal flu range; however, it is not a guarantee to avoid the ailment since the flu virus mutates from year to year and the vaccine is produced based upon the previous years virus.

Flu Prevention:

In an effort to decrease the quantity of symptoms and health problem which are experienced, many individuals are counting on alternative forms of treatment that are believed to be less intrusive and less toxic to the body. One of the very best cures for the flu is prevention. It is a lot easier to prevent the body from contracting the flu virus than it is to heal it once you have it.

Get Sleep...

Developing a healthy immune system is the primary defense a person can utilize to assist themselves in preventing the flu. This is achieved by getting lots of rest, a minimum of eight hours each night, during which the body regrows and heals. You ought to likewise eliminate as much sugar from the diet as possible. A teaspoon of sugar will negatively impact the body immune system for up to 6 hours. It is much better to please your taste buds with sweet organic fruit then ice cream or chocolate. (2).

Good Diet:

We actually are exactly what we consume, meaning that our diets and the foods that we consume every day, will certainly have a substantial effect on your immune system. Drink as much water as possible every day to assist eliminate contaminants and waste items. Drinking water helps to minimize the work on the kidneys and improves your immune system.

Working out is vital to preserving the health of your bodys immune system. It helps to move the lymph system through the body, sheds undesirable pounds, removes toxins, improves vitamin D manufacturing when done outside and enhances blood flow throughout the extremities. Vitamin D plays a crucial function in both the prevention and cure of the cold, flu, and other health problems that are caused by invasion of germs and viruses. (3).

Take Supplements:

Consumption of a great multivitamin, such as Nature's Sunshine Super Supplemental, with vitamin C is likewise another important element in the prevention and treatment of the flu. Vitamins C works in combination with vitamin D in order to boost the immune system and shorten the overall length or prevent the flu.

Watch You Hands.

Keep your hands far from your eyes, nose and mouth. The flu virus can be quickly transferred from your hands to your eyes, nose or mouth and effectively inoculate yourself with the virus. Wash your hands often, after being in contact with solid items, shaking hands with people, each journey to the restroom and before bed. Do not use antibacterial soaps since they are likely to spread out antibiotic resistant bacteria. Instead practice excellent hand washing techniques under warm water with rubbing and for a minimum of a minute and a half and use a natural product such as Nature's Sunshine Silver Shield Gel.

Reduce Stress.

Reduce the quantity of tension in your life, as much as possible. Tension will negatively influence your immune system and enhance the possibility that you will certainly contract a cold or the flu. Discover to handle your anxiety with deep breathing, walking, music or exercise. Learn how to manage your tension by likewise getting rid of the people or scenarios which cause an increase in the anxiety level that you feel every day. You may think it is impossible to eliminate these circumstances from your life however it is far more hard to accommodate your way of life to the tension associated health problems which can result.

If Your Starting To Get The Flu...

If you do feel that you're starting to get the flu you can help to minimize the signs and symptoms and shorten the illness by taking a couple of fast steps. Begin to gargle with salt water three to 4 times a day to kill the viruses which are breeding in the back of your throat. Use a normal saline spray in each nostril and gently blow the excess fluid out 3 to four times a day. This achieves the very same thing as the gargle wash other than it deals with the viruses in your nasal cavity and sinuses. Utilize the Netti pot to flush the viruses out of your sinus tooth cavities. If you don't want to use the salt water and netti pot, then we recommend taking Nature's Sunshine Silver Shield liquid three to four times a day and also using a nazal spray at least 2 times a day. Also take vitamin C in divided dosages numerous times daily. 

Drink a lot of fluids and fresh vegetable juices to assist eliminate the toxins and offer the body added enzymes required to minimize swelling, pain and flush the viruses from the body. Using zinc lozenges has actually been revealed to shorten the length of colds and flu. (4) It is necessary to acknowledge that you should suck on the lozenge and not chew them. If you find that you're nauseous you should stop right away because it is one sign of zinc toxicity. Nevertheless, lots of people discover that zinc lozenges themselves make them somewhat nauseous; so assess your nausea based on how you feel when you are not drawing on the lozenge.

Go out in the sunshine for a minimum of 20 minutes daily, twice a day, in order to absorb and make vitamin D. Vitamin D has been revealed to enhance the body's immune system and assistance to minimize the length of any disease caused by viruses and germs. Garlic is another alternative treatment for the flu. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties that assist the immune system to combat infection. Combined with Echinacea it makes a strong fighting force versus lots of infections. (5).

Ginger is an organic root that is a natural antiviral. It is also discomfort easing and frequently suggested for individuals who suffer from arthritis. It is important both in the prevention and treatment of diseases triggered by viruses too is inflammation of mucous membranes in the treatment of aching throats. It has a mild sedative result which helps an individual to rest while ill. It can be brought in to tea, taken in warm water or taken as a tincture.

Standard Western medication has not yet discovered a cure for the influenza virus. Although the immune system of the majority of healthy individuals has the ability to combat off the flu virus after one to 3 days, those who have underlying clinical conditions can experience more severe issues from the influenza virus that can even cause death. For this factor, it is crucial to help strengthen the body immune system making use of healthy nutrition to reduce the likelihood of any major complications.

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