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A Quick Guide to the Science of Muscle Development

A Quick Guide to the Science of Muscle Development

How and why do muscles grow? Scientifically, the procedure is really basic. Your body reacts in particular methods to the activities you do. If you consistently weight train, include cardio, enjoy a healthy diet plan and drink great amounts of water, you will burn fat and acquire muscle. Practice the following 4 steps and you will certainly harness the science of muscle development for a leaner, stronger, much healthier body.

Your muscles will only grow when they are forced to.

When you weight train, whether you use complimentary weights or your body weight, you cause micro-tears in your muscle fiber. Your body's amazing ability to fix itself steps in, and your muscles are adapted to grow stronger than they were previously. Muscle growth never happens if you do not experience enough micro-tears.

You have to force your muscles to work so difficult that they literally take apart. And there is definitely a sweet spot you are trying to achieve. If you work your muscles too hard, you can over-tear them. Your body might never totally recover, and you stunt your muscle growth. And if you do not workout hard enough and require your muscles to tear, very little muscle growth happens.

Muscles grow when you overload them.

Occasionally you will certainly hear weight trainers discussing "feeling the burn". Contrary to popular belief, this is not exactly what triggers your muscles to grow. That burning feeling is not the indicator of a perfect workout. Exactly what you are experiencing is just a rise of lactic acid in your muscles. This takes place because your muscles are burning energy.

And high repitition exercises with lower weights do not cause muscle growth either. Overload needs to happen prior to your muscles grow. Overwhelm your muscles by regularly and steadily increasing the amount of weight you left, and you will certainly grow muscles.

Muscles grow after you stop working out.

Muscle development occurs outside of the health club. What you do when you are stressing your muscles and straining them is preparing them for the recovery duration. This is when your body heals, causing your muscles to grow in strength and size. This means a lot of rest between exercises.

Your muscles will only grow if you feed them correctly.

You can do everything effectively to increase muscle growth, however if your diet plan is unhealthy, you might see little to no result. Working out, lifting weights and doing body weight works out only determines 20% to 40% of how you look. Yep, your diet is that essential. Get the proper ratio of carbs, protein and good fats, consume lots of water and feed your muscles the correct amount of calories and even very little exercises will deliver quick results.

Hire a Fitness Coach.

Getting the body you want is not  easy. Hire a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer like me to help ensure you get the results you want. I will give you a tailored plan to what your goals are and provide enough motivation to always keep your goals in mind. This way you stay on track to what you really want... success!


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