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Ways to Motivate Your Partner to Exercise More

Ways to Motivate Your Partner to Exercise More

Motivating a partner to exercise or work out more can be challenging business. If your spouse is specifically sensitive about his/her weight, then frame your support around the reality that you wish to invest more time together or hang around reconnecting if you 2 have grown apart.

1. Get A Checkup to Get The Numbers.

Before starting any exercise program though, make certain your partner gets a checkup to make sure if s/he is in good enough shape to begin a workout program. If out of shape, the physician more than likely will recommend dropping weight, exercising and healthy eating.

When the doctor starts talking about certain numbers in the tests and exactly what they mean, you can use that as inspiration to get your partner exercising. Depending upon your relationship with your spouse, your physician's recommendation may lug more weight than if you recommended the very same thing-- losing weight, exercising and consuming healthy foods.


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2. Set Some Dates.

If cleared to work out, and your spouse agrees to it, set up some workout dates. Let your spouse suggest the activity; this puts the individual in control instead of feeling like the activity you select was being forced on him or her. Whatever the activity, workout at that person's level so she/he is not struggling to keep up with you.

3. Make It Fun!

Make it fun. I suggest registering together for a yoga class or a dance course. Working out doesn't need to means doing the same thing all the time, unless it is an activity both of you really enjoy. Occasionally, simply a walk after supper is all that is needed. Plus it gives both of you time to discuss the day's activities. All it takes is a 30-minute walk three times each week to start getting in shape and enhancing the numbers on the physician's tests.

4. Set Realistic Goals

Have your spouse set small goals in the beginning. When your spouse starts meeting those objectives, benefit them with an exercise-related present like a workout DVD or Brilliant Fitness subscription, a set of resistance bands, or a health club subscription for both of you.

5. Stay Positive!

Individuals like to be motivated. Let your partenr know that you prefer to exercise with him or her at your side rather of alone. When you see a weight loss indicator, make a positive reinforcement remark to keep the momentum going. Never slam or belittle your spouse. That will only make the individual more defensive and reluctant to work out with you.

6. Be Patient.

Slimming down and getting healthy isn't going to take place overnight. And it may take added time on your part exercising with your partner, but in the end it'll reward both of you as you grow old together! If you have any other tips on motivating your partner, please share them below...


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