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The Difference Between the Flu and the Stomach flu

The Difference Between the Flu and the Stomach flu

Do you know the difference between the flu and the stomach flu?

While "stomach flu" is a popular term, it is not a correct clinical diagnosis. These are really two different medical diagnosis triggered by 2 different kinds of irritants. The proper term for the belly flu is gastroenteritis. 'Gastro' suggesting stomach, 'get in' connecting to the guts and 'itis' indicating swelling.


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Individuals who are suffering from gastroenteritis, or the tummy flu, will have irritability or inflammation of the stomach and intestines, the intestinal tract. Gastroenteritis can be caused by either virus, germs or a parasite and does not necessarily have to be caused by an infectious process. Triggers for gastroenteritis can include lactose intolerance or other allergic reactions to specific food types. (1,2).

On the other hand, the flu is caused by a virus known as influenza. The flu often mimics the same signs and symptoms as a respiratory cold other than that it starts a lot more swiftly with signs of tiredness, fever and respiratory blockage. People who experience an upper respiratory infection, likewise called the cold, may also suffer from a low grade fever; but individuals who are experiencing the flu will typically have a fever higher than 100° Fahrenheit. (3).


What Causes the Flu?

There are over 100 various kinds of viruses that can trigger the typical cold, yet only influenza virus types A, B and C will certainly cause the flu. However, while there are just 3 various types of influenza that trigger the flu, each of these types are capable of hereditary mutation and establishing different strains each year. The flu will likewise result in more extreme or life-threatening ailments, such as pneumonia, in people who are immune suppressed or who have other underlying clinical conditions making their general health perilous. Individuals who are older, kids, those suffering from AIDS, cancer or other milder chronic conditions such as diabetes or asthma, could suffer more serious impacts from having the flu. (3).

Is There a Flu Treatment?

Treatment for each of these conditions will certainly differ depending upon the person's total health and the underlying reason for the condition. Simply put, in a typical healthy young male or female additional treatment for the flu may not be necessary. People are able to recover from this health problem by enhancing the quantity of fluids that they consume daily, getting a lot of rest, and getting great nutrition. Nevertheless, individuals who have asthma or cancer might find that they need encouraging care that is hospital-based rather than home-based. Within the hospital, doctors and nurses will have the ability to administer intravenous fluids, oxygen and prescription antibiotics for those who go on to establish pneumonia.

Gastroenteritis or "Stomach Flu"

Gastroenteritis, in some cases called the belly flu, may consist of a headache, fever and inflamed lymph glands depending upon the bacterium that is causing the symptoms. Nevertheless, the individual will also struggle with stomach cramping, belly pain, nausea, throwing up and looseness of the bowels. Individuals can experience gastroenteritis from food poisoning, inflammatory bowel condition, allergies, parasite infections or viruses and germs.

In severe cases the person will certainly lose a considerable quantity of body fluid that can lead to dehydration. Sadly, it does not take the loss of too much fluid in order to induce a clinical circumstance that necessaries instant attention of a medical professional. Signs of dehydration can include lightheadedness, increased thirst, dry sticky mucous membranes, lack of regular flexibility of the skin and decreased output of pee or splits. (4) Individuals who have gastroenteritis might find they are unable to keep water in their bellies without throwing up or could find they are not able to stay up to date with their fluid needs because of extreme looseness of the bowels.

How is the "Stomach Flu" Handled?

For the most part, individuals who struggle with gastroenteritis can be treated at home with excellent supportive care. In typical cases, such as viruses or allergic responses to a particular food, people have the ability to recuperate well from gastroenteritis without substantial clinical intervention. You can avoid dehydration by sipping clear fluids and progressively introducing a bland diet that includes bananas, rice, applesauce and dry toast. This diet is commonly described as the BRAT diet plan. Eating bland dry foods makes it easier for the digestive system to accommodate the nutrition and calories and is unlikely to irritate a delicate gastrointestinal tract. I also recommend a daily dose of Nature's Sunshine Solstic Immune and Nature's Sunshine Silver Shield.


The Flu & Your Doctor

When doctors or medical personnel are going over the flu they are describing the respiratory condition caused by influenza. When describing the tummy virus clinical personnel may call it "swallow flu" or will more properly call it a gastroenteritis or stomach virus.

The differentiation in between these 2 diagnoses is generally easy to discern. However, some people who suffer from the influenza virus will certainly also have throwing up and looseness of the bowels making the distinction a little more tough. These symptoms are generally uncommon but may occur when individuals suffer from a typically delicate tummy then experience the influenza virus.

So, the next time you tell somebody you have the flu make certain to these certain about exactly what disease you truly did experience!

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