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Medical Health Advisor Benefit

Medical Health Advisor Benefit

Healthcare is becoming harder to understand and get reliable help when you need it. Your Personal Health Advocate can help you find your way through insurance and healthcare systems so you can feel comfortable knowing you have someone always there to find solutions. 


Your personal Healthcare Advocate can help you locate doctors, specialists, hospitals, dentists, and pharmacies. Other items they can help you with are researching treatments, resolving claims, and providing medical explanations so you can make more informed decisions. It's like having your own personal medical coach always there waiting to help you in a time of need.


Use your Medical Health Advisor to:

  • Save time and money
  • Find your way through the healthcare and insurance systems
  • Find doctors, hospitals and other providers
  • Make appointments with providers
  • Find "Best in Class" medical institutions for a serious illness or injury
  • Get unbiased health information to make informed medical decisions
  • Find and research current treatment options for a medical issue
  • Use our Health Cost Estimator - a pre-service pricing decision support tool
  • Resolve insurance claims and billing issues
  • Explain test, treatment and medications
  • Get second opinions for peace of mind
  • Address eldercare and related healthcare issues
  • Get help with Medicare and other government insurance programs
  • Make arrangements for in-home services after discharge from a hospital


Easy To Use:

  1. To talk to your personal Health Advocate just call the number provided in your Health Club benefit package
  2. Your personal Health Advocate will work with you until the issue is resolved

NOTE: You will need to complete and sign a Medical Authorization Form permitting Medical Health Advisor to help you with Healthcare issues. A web address will be provided with your benefit package to locate the required form. The Medical Health Advisor program is not health insurance. Medical Health Advisor provides administrative, informational and referral type services, through its employees. Medical Health Advisor does not provide medical services and does not recommend treatment. Independent healthcare practitioners, who are not Medical Health Advisors's employees or agents, provide all medical services.