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How to Make Getting Fit More Enjoyable

How to Make Getting Fit More Enjoyable

Getting fit does not have to be doing the same regimen over and over until you are bored out of your mind. Instead, make it enjoyable by taking part in these ideas!

Circuit Training

Set up a circuit where you do jumping jacks, lunges, push-ups, tricep dips, crunches and high knees each for 60 to 90 seconds. As quickly as you are finished with one workout step on to the next. Repeat the circuit two or three times resting in between each iteration. You can use Brilliant Fitness FitBuilder to design the perfect circuit training prgram.

Join a Sports Team

Remember the feeling of exhilaration in school when you played football, basketball or ran track and field? As an adult you can get that exact same feeling once again. Softball, racquetball, tennis are all enjoyable sports that raise your heart rate and burn a lot of calories. Most cities have a recreational league or YMCA to enjoy these fun childhood games as an adult!

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Run an Obstacle Course

Increasingly more city parks and leisure departments are setting up challenge courses in their parks. Do to the diverse nature of the stations, you are constantly doing something different like, climbing up over a wall, strolling through a log, climbing up a rope or swinging across a water pit. They are exciting ways to work out and you are practically guaranteed to obtain filthy or wet! Lookout for local events like the Tough Mudder or Dirty Girl competitions in your area. 


Opt for a Hike

Going for a hike is much more entertaining than choosing a mundane walk. Normally hiking is done over different terrains on an uneven medium like gravel or dirt and might require you to navigate around stones, go up hill and down the other side. The hike is generally worth the exercise value stemmed from the hike; the scenery is an added perk.

Run on a Track

If you wish to challenge your body every so often, attempt working on a track. Many of them are cushioned so they are gentler on your knees and ankles.  Because of the smooth level surface area you can also attempt to enhance your speed. You could even experience a DÃJÃ  Vu moment if you ran track in school!

Home-Bound Yoga

You don't need to join a yoga class to do yoga. There are numerous routines both online with your Brilliant Fitness subscription and on DVDs that are simply as tough. Yoga is fun since it is different than regular working out. Yoga focuses on meditation, breathing, and poses. You will find it is just as mentally rejuvenating as it is physically.

There are numerous chances to make working out fun so you're not stuck in the same regular day-after-day routine. Each day of the week you could be doing something different and enjoy the added benefits exercise brings you!

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