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How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Staying in shape during the holiday season is a great challenge for many healthy moms. While the temptation to eat whatever you want and skip your exercise routine, you probably don't want to start the New Year with an extra 10 pounds.

If you are one of those who worry about packing on pounds during the holidays then there is good news for you -  you can stay fit without making huge sacrifices. Take a look at the best ways to avoid holiday weight gain.


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Keep Track

Make sure you keep track of your weight during holidays. Although your body fluctuates up and down, depending on the time of day or hormonal changes, a scale can be a great way to measure how well you are maintaining your weight. Give yourself  +/- 5 pounds and you can tell if you need to take some serious action. Seeing that you have gained more pounds than you thought will motivate you to take action before it is too late.

It is also a great idea to write down what you eat. Having a food diary will make you more responsible and less likely to overeat. Download the MyFitnessPal app to make tracking that much easier.

Start Your Day With A Nice Workout

If you skip your morning training, chances are high you will not do it for the rest of the day either. People tend to slack more during holidays so you should start your day with a workout while you are still motivated. What’s great about this strategy is that it creates a snowball effect - the morning exercise will give you a boost of energy and keep you appetite to healthy limits.


Starving or depriving yourself from your favorite foods will most likely ruin your holiday mood but is not likely to help you stay in a good shape. Skipping breakfast or lunch almost certainly means you will overeat in the evening. It also means slower metabolism and fatigue.

Eat a few light and healthy snacks throughout the day instead and you will be less likely to consume excessive amounts of food when you go to a party or a family dinner.

Also, it is important to stay hydrated. Drink enough water to quench your hunger and to boost your metabolism.

Cut The Soda

Not drinking soda, sweet tea or any other high sugary drink  is a great way to maintain your weight during the holidays. Many people fail to realize that a big percent of their gained weight is caused by liquid calories.

You should also be careful with alcohol consumption. Alcoholic beverages, and especially sweet liquors contain a lot of calories. Plus, drinking too much inevitably means craving food during the night and even the morning after.

Consume Foods Rich In Potassium

Potassium is a nutrient that will help your body retain less water. There is a wide variety of healthy foods that are rich in this ingredient, including strawberries, bananas, papayas and asparagus.

Christmas time comes with numerous temptations but it’s possible to avoid holiday weight gain. Start with the above tips a little bit earlier and you’ll be ready when it comes time to celebrate.