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Habit of Health

Habit of Health


With over 600 products, we can build a custom health program for anyone.  We do recognize; however, sometimes you just want to live healthy on your own.  For this reason, MCM Products, LLC and Nature's Sunshine have created three health programs that anyone can use to obtain optimal health.

Everyone needs proper nutrition for optimal health.  Unfortunately, most of us don't get the nutrients we need from the food we eat.  Food is our best medicine! It's also our greatest source of macro nutrients (proteins, carbs and fats).  Eating healthful meals is critical for creating optimal health, energy and vitality, and maintaining a healthy weight.  

A multivitamin alone is simply not enough! We all require 6 categories of nutrients for optimal health.  They are: vitamins, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, enzymes, and fiber.  The three programs below (if followed) give you your body the recommended daily amount of all 6 categories!


Prior to any program, we recommend completing a cleanse.  A cleanse helps your body remove any stored up toxins that may have built up.  The removal of these toxins can make your body's functions more efficient and boost your overall health.  At a minimum, everybody should give the inside of their body a "Shower" with a cleanse program at least once a year.  The four cleanses we recommend for boosting your health are:
  • CleanStartNature's Sunshine CleanStart available at
    • This is a great product for anyone who has never done a cleanse.  This is a 14 day program; however, if you are new to cleanses we recommend starting slow.  This cleanse is mostly for the intestinal system; however, it does a mild cleanse on the hepatic as well. 
  • Tiao He Cleanse
    •   This cleanse is meant for the hepatic system.  It also does a mild cleanse on the intestinal system.
  • Candida Clear
    • Cleanse to remove Candida bacteria from your body.
  • Para-Cleanse
    • Cleanse to remove and make an inhospitable environment for parasites living in your body.'s Habit of Health Programs for improved health.Program #1 - Healthy Start (For Those That Like It Simple)

  •  Super Trio 
    • Provides Antioxidants
    • Provides Vitamins & Minerals
    • Provides Essential Fatty Acids
  • Nature's Harvest
    • A meal replacement that provides: Pre-biotics, Enzymes, Fiber, Pea Protein, Fruits & Vegetables, Whole Grains, Greens, and Super Foods.  






Program #2 - Healthy Choice (For Those That Like To Customize) Habit of Health Programs

  • Super Trio
    • Provides Antioxidants
    • Provides Vitamins & Minerals
    • Provides Essential Fatty Acids
  • Your choice of (Pick 1 from each catgory):
    • Prebiotics: Bifidophilus/Flora Force or Probiotic Eleven
    • Enzymes: Proactazyme or Food Enzymes
    • Fiber: Nature's Three, LOCLO, Everybody's Fiber, Intestinal Soothe & Build, Psyllium Hulls, or Psyllium Hulls Combo
    • Meal Replacement: Smartmeal, Nutri-Burn, or Love & Peas's Habit of Health Programs will make you feel great!


Program #3 - Natural Weight Loss (For Those Who Want To Lose Weight Naturally)

  • Super Trio
  • Meal Replacement (Replace 1 meal a day to jumpstart or replace 2 meals a day to accelerate weight loss)
    • Nature's Harvest, SmartMeal, Nutri-Burn, or Love & Peas
  • Chickweed
    • Helps metabolize fat
  • Metabomax
    • Boosts metabolism
  • Optional: If you need an energy boost to get through the day, especially if you are involved in a workout program, we recommend:
    • Target Endurance
    • Solstic Energy
  • Optional: If you need a great recovery drink for post workouts, we recommend:
    • Solstic Revive or Solstic Cardio



To obtain optimal health and weight, proper diet and exercise is necessary.  We recommend eating sensibly (limiting carbinated beverages, alcohol, coffee, and red meat).  We also recommend conducting physical activity in the form of a workout for at least 30 minutes a day.  Please consult your physician prior to any exercise program to ensure you are healthy enough to exercise. 


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