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Family Comes First

Family Comes First

Can you genuinely say that you put your family first all the time? If you do not, there is no need to feel guilty. Many individuals inadvertently let other things obstruct thier family life when they should not. All that it takes to start putting your household first is a shift in your priorities.

An excellent example of this is when you start to work insane hours. While your goal could be to provide those "extras" for your family, it often results in you disregarding them. You may give back with to your family gifts and brand-new toys; however, is that exactly what your family truly wants? If given a true heart felt response, they would probably choose to invest more time with you rather than the gifts. The next time you are asked to work late or instantly offer to remain at work when overtime is provided, think of your reason on why you are choosing to remain apart from your family. Do you really require the money or would it just be "nice"? Or do you get burnt out when you get back to your house and would prefer to remain at work? Whatever the objective is you have to look at your factors and be sincere with yourself. Remaining away from your family could indicate that there is a problem with a relationship that you don't wish to deal with.

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Be There For Your Family

One method to put your household first is by being there for them. When your daughter or son has a sports event, or is in the school play, make of point of going to it. If a member of the family gets ill, help them out as much as possible. Creating stability within your household is an excellent way of putting your family first. Everyone enjoys the comfort of knowing they have someone who they can count on. You can quickly do this by creating family routines such as:

  • Regular supper times
  • Chores for each household member
  • Set bed times
  • Movie night

Though, these things may sound trivial they are really important. By creating a structured routine you are setting expectations for your household. They understand that they are anticipated for dinner at 6pm each day. Likewise, they understand that you are also expected for the event each day. Or that every Saturday they need to spend an hour or more assisting with tasks.

When you, as the moms, dads, husbands, and wives put your family first, each family member will certainly begin to follow fit. In turn this creates a caring household that will always be around for each other.

Family is essential to happieness so do not neglect what you have actually worked so hard to construct. Yes, work and being social is very important, but they should not constantly take precedence over your family unless there is an absolute need and subseqeunt understanding of all in your household.

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