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8 of the Best Sources of Protein for Bodybuilding

8 of the Best Sources of Protein for Bodybuilding

While there are hundreds of foods including protein that you can eat to develop muscle, these 8 are the very best and will certainly offer you the fastest outcomes (no particular order):

Whey Protein

A muscle building favorite of bodybuilders. When consumed before and after exercises, this full protein digests quickly and is absorbed swiftly by muscles hence helping them recover and fix much faster. Many of the whey powders on the market today include 15 grams of protein per serving.


The incredible edible egg! At 6 grams per ounce, eggs are another body builder's go-to protein source. While most of the protein is in the white of the egg, don't hesitate to also eat the yolk. It is a great source of vitamin B12 which helps in fat breakdown and contraction, and does not enhance cholesterol as prevously believed.


Having 6 grams per ounce of protein, fish have no carbohydrates and little hydrogenated fat. Fatty fish, such as salmon, halibut, mackerel and trout are likewise high in Omega 3 - one of the excellent fats that slows protein breakdown in muscles.


Ounce for ounce, the breast meat of turkey and chicken have the most protein-- 9 grams per serving. It is also a rich source of vitamin B.

Lean Beef

To discover the leanest cuts, try to find labels on the plans having "round", "loin" or the new one "flat iron" in their name. Not only is lean beef an excellent source of iron and zinc, but also creatine, an energy source for your muscles at 2 grams per 16-ounce serving. Also beef has one of the highest levels of selenium - a prostrate-cancer fighting mineral.


Nuts, especially almonds, are an excellent source of protein as a treat and are also high in vitamin E. Vitamin E is an effective antioxidant that helps muscles recuperate quicker from exercises and reduces the danger of Alzheimer's illness.

Home Cheese

When buying home cheese, see to it it is made from either low-fat or skim milk. While the protein content can differ amongst brands, it typically has around 7 grams per 1/4 cup serving.

Skim and Chocolate Milk

Milk is on this list because it includes both whey and casein protein. When drank after a workout, the whey protein breaks down rapidly to assist muscles recuperate. When taken as a treat prior to going to bed, the casein protein breaks down slower keeping it in your digestion system longer and providing your muscles a source of protein throughout the night. After a workout, chocolate milk ares much better than non-chocolate as it is a more total source of what your body requires post-workout.

Not just will the foods on this list considerably aid in your muscle structure efforts, they also provide you sufficient variety to keep from getting tired from eating the same couple of foods-- something typical in many body-building diets.

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