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7 Great Benefits of Exercise

7 Benefits of Exercise InfoGraphic


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#1: Exercise Helps Your Heart:

  • Exercise improves your blood pressure, lowers stroke risk, reduces cholesterol and much more

#2: Exercise Improves Your Mental Health

  • The chemicals released during exercise have been shown to boost your mood, and can also help sufferers of anxiety or depression.

#3: It Boosts Your Confidence

  • After exercising for a while you will not only look better, but you'll feel better. An not just because of weight loss - but becasue you committed to a goal and saw it through!

#4: It Reduces the Effects of Diabetes

  • Exercise reduces your body's resistance to insulin, helping to reverse the effects of Type II diabetes

#5: It Raises Your Pain Tolorance

  • Sure, exercise can cause pain but it also raises your pain tolorance. the mental toughness needed to get through a tough workout, and consistantly improve, makes you cope better with pain.

#6: It Helps The Brain

  • Exercise isn't just good for the body, it also helps improve brain function and can even slow the progression of brain disorders.

#7: It Improves Your Sex Life

  • Those handy hormones that boost your mood can also boost your sex drive. That's a nice bonus for doing a morning workout!
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