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6 Tips To Improve Family Communication

6 Tips To Improve Family Communication

Good communication amongst family members is essential to building a happy family. Poor communication is one of the main factors why any type of relationship fails. To start with buidling a great family life, conduct a good self evaluation of your communication skills. If your communication skills are not "cutting it" then the entire family might be internally suffering and feel alone.

1. Cut Out The "Middle Person"

In a happy family all members understand the best ways to interact with each other. How many times have you done the following: "Can you kindly inform, (name of person), that I will be late (or another reason)?" This circumstance generally occurs when the flow of communication is not running smoothly in the family. Whereas if communication is great no-one hesitates of sending out messages to each other without a middle person.

2. Listen To Each Other

One of the most vital attributes of communication is listening. Do you truly pay attention to what your spouse or kid has to say or do you interrupt them prior to them completing speaking? Next time, enable the individual to complete what they state, then recap what they just told you. Duplicating a summary back, actually shows the person that you did listen AND you understand their perspective.

3. Find A Place To Talk

A great location and time to have a family discussion is at the dinner table. I personally turn off the television and remove any other distractions while my family eats dinner every eveing together. We invest this time discussing the day's activities and any other issues we may be having. During this time, be careful not evaluate anyone. Let everybody air their concerns and points of view. After the initial discussion is over and all points of view are aired, then evaluative discussions can occur.

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4. Talk Often

Something that a happy household simply doesn't do is not speak with each other for days on end. Rather, the family has engaging discussions on any issues they may have. Sometimes disagreements can occur but instead of holding animosity, allow some cooling and relective time. Then, when "cooler heads" prevail, speak over the disagreemetns and make an honest effort to progress without any type of animosity.

5. Show Affection

Sometimes suppressed emotions is another reason some family members may feel alone. They are either too scared to reveal their real emotions for worry of retribution or they have been known to be that "challenging individual". In these cases you man sense something but not know what to say. Don't worry,effective communication can be done by actions instead of words. Hugging your child when you see they are upset speaks volumes. Displaying signs of affection to your partner does too. Plus this teaches your family not to be scared of revealing their emotions.

6. Build Trust

Teach your kids that revealing emotion is completely natural AND it isn't a sign of weakness. Being permitted to vent is a great method to de-stress for both adults and kids alike. If your family is open with communication and trust each other to communicate openly, there is no reason you cannot overcome just about any challenge your family may face. Remember, effective communication is a foundational building block for all happy and healthy relationships... especially family. 

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