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4 Crazy Weight Loss Ideas You Should Never Try

4 Crazy Weight Loss Ideas You Should Never Try

Some people will do anything to reduce weight, and we genuinely do indicate anything. If you are frustrated with your weight management efforts and the outcomes they are producing, you might find yourself going to attempt extravagant approaches to drop some pounds. Whatever you do, stay clear of the 4 following crazy weight-loss concepts that some desperate dieters actually try.


1. Weight Loss Tongue Patch

A plastic patch is stitched onto your tongue. It requires just about 10 minutes of stitching, however expenses around $2,000. How does it assist you reduce weight? It makes consuming strong food so unbelievably unpleasant that you are compelled to adhere to a liquid diet plan. Avoid this insane weight management idea at all costs.

Exactly what could be simpler for slimming down than merely putting a plastic patch on your tongue? Think about it for just one minute. This ridiculous weight loss concept was developed by a Beverly Hills plastic specialist, however be alerted that the FDA has actually NOT accepted this weight loss approach.

2. Tube Feeding

Likewise called the "Bride's Diet", this crazy weight-loss concept is actually being exercised all around the world. To reduce weight swiftly, many brides-to-be have a feeding tube placed into their belly through their nose. Incredibly, the tube remains in location 24 hours a day for as long as 10 days! 
Food is charged with a high protein, low carb formula which delivers anywhere from 800 to 1,000 calories a day. This medical weight-loss procedure costs as much as $1,500 and must be stayed clear of at all costs.

3. Near Starvation

While limiting your calories will certainly activate weight loss, hunger is never healthy. You require fats, calories and carbs to power your body. Sadly, some people think that restricting themselves to less than 1,000 calories a day is a healthy way to reduce weight.

This significantly limits the important vitamins and nutrients your body has to work appropriately. Aside from depression, tiredness and sleep disruption, starvation can also result in hair loss, organ and bone breakdown and an enhanced threat of injuries.

4. The hCG Diet

This insane weight-loss method has been around considering that the 1950s, when a British physician established it. Albert T.W. Simeons recommended in his 1954 book "Pounds and Inches" that day-to-day injections of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone could change up to 1,500 daily calories.

He claimed this also burns fat and assists you slim down, and you just have to add 500 calories a day of routine food. In some people this method has caused depressions, headaches and even embolism.

So What Should You Do?

Lose weight the old fashoned way with good diet and smart exercise. Rember, we are here for you if you need help with a PROVEN system and all the tools and support you will ever need to feel the way you want. Check out how Brilliant Fitness can be your final solution to get the weight off and keep it off for good. 

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