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3 Holiday Weight Gain Excuses to Avoid

3 Holiday Weight Gain Excuses to Avoid

When the holiday begins to roll around it gets a lot easier to forget your objectives and stop working on your diet, but that's a big error! Normally from mid October to mid January "the vacations" are a tremendous 2-3 months which's an entire quarter of the year. If you're working hard to reduce weight the rest of the year it's a big waste to throw all of it away for just a couple of months of treats.

Many people end up putting on weight during the holidays and then when January comes around they find themselves more behind than they were previously. It doesn't feel good to lose the progress made the rest of the year. Besides, it's not going to help you on your course to being healthier either. I'm not stating you can't let up a little, you need to certainly delight in the vacations and your preferred holiday treats that come with it, but don't mess up all of your hard work by disregarding your weight loss goals completely with the holidays.

Here are three of the most usual holiday weight-loss excuses. Read them now so you aren't attempting to use them later during the holidays:

3 Holiday Weight Loss Excuses to Avoid from

1. "The holidays just come once a year. I may as well simply enjoy myself."

I've already discussed this. Yes, the holidays just come once a year but they do come every year. A better alternative would be, "Christmas just comes once a year." Take pleasure in that Christmas feast. Consume your heart out. Don't use the holidays as a reason to binge for weeks (or months) on end. A holiday is a special occasion that comes once a year. THE holidays is an amount of time that lasts over much time. 

2. "It's too cold outside to exercise."

Okay, then don't exercise outside. Get imaginative! Or get a great coat and some great socks. Exercise is more essential than ever throughout a season where you're likely going to be overindulging more frequently.

Try an indoor workout video (there are over 750 to choose from with our Brilliant Fitness membership), run up and down stairs, or dance along to your preferred music. It does not have to be structured, just get moving. Spend 30 minutes moving your body enough to get your heart pumping, that's something you can do without even leaving your home. "It's too cold" is just an excuse to refrain from doing the healthy thing.

3. "I can't say no to the host/hostess/family member or they'll be upset."

This one can be difficult. It's not easy to turn somebody down when they're providing you kindness. Here's the thing to remember though ... YOUR commitment to yourself to stick to your objectives and treat your body right is more crucial. Sure, some individuals might get a little upset when you turn away a 2nd helping of their food or a specific dessert but they'll get over it. Just tell them you're watching your weight, the food you did have was delicious and you certainly would want more; however, you've had your fill.

If you're truly stressed over making somebody upset, request a smaller sized helping. For instance if they're providing pie merely say, "Hey, could you cut that in half? I'm already very full.".


Don't get rid of all your hard work by coming down with excuses. Your wellness and goals are essential. Remember it's your body and you definitely don't want January to roll around and regret what you did in November and December. You can't redo the past; however, you can control the future. 


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