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10 Minute Trainer FAQ

10-Minute Trainer FAQ
Get the body you want in as little as 10 minutes a day! 10-Minute Trainer was made to help people get better results in less time. Build muscle and shed pounds in no time with power-packed workouts—and lose fat even faster by adding the resistance band and cardio belt, free with the program.

How 10-Minute Trainer works:
  • Instead of working one muscle group at a time, Tony Horton's breakthrough Super Stacking® Technique combines fat-burning cardio, sculpting, and ab moves to condition your body, head to toe, in minutes. Follow the free nutrition plan, with lots of quick, simple-to-prepare, delicious meals you can make in 10 minutes or less, and see results even faster. View Our Video Overview HERE!

What kinds of exercises are included in 10-Minute Trainer?

  •  The 10-Minute Trainer routine combines moves from resistance training, cardio, and yoga. Each 10-minute routine works a few areas of the body at once.


Is 10-Minute Trainer just for beginners?

  • Although people new to exercise can do 10-Minute Trainer, it's also great for those who are already very fit and want to maintain their results with a shorter workout—like P90X® fans whose schedules are too jammed to squeeze in a whole hour of exercise.
Who Is It For?
  • 10-Minute Trainer is for Busy people who say they can't find time to lose weight. 
  • Anyone who needs extra motivation—Tony Horton keeps you motivated, and even people who dislike exercise can get through these brief workouts. 
  • Everyone from beginners to frequent exercisers who want a quick workout on an especially busy day or while they're traveling.
  • People who want an exercise program without a lot of equipment.
What do I need to succeed with 10-Minute Trainer? 
  • The workout DVDs, resistance bands, and cardio belt included in the program are all a person needs.  People can also use a heart rate monitor and yoga mat if they like. It only takes 6' x 6' of space to do these workouts. Naturally, someone who does two or more 10-minute workouts per day will get faster results than someone who just does one workout.
Is 10-Minute Trainer available in Spanish?
  •  Yes.
What's included in the Base Kit: 
  • 5 10-minute Workouts 
  • Customized Workout Calendar 
  • Rapid Results Guidebook 
  • Resistance Band Kit plus Cardio Belt
  • 10-Minute Recipe Guide
Bonuses (From BeachBody):
  •  2-Day Jump Start Plan
  •  Tony's On-the-Go Workout Cards


Bonuses From if purchased through this website or by selecting Michael Cummings as your Team BeachBody Coach:

  • Lifetime Access To Brilliant Nutrition online meal planning platform
  • Lifetime Access to Brilliant FitClients Motivation goal tracking/motivation platform
FREE Gifts (From BeachBody):
  •  3 Additional Rapid-Fire Workouts for faster results
  •  24/7 Online Support
  •  Accelerated Results Calendar
What's Included in the Deluxe Upgrade Kit (From BeachBody):
  •  6 additional 10-minute workouts
  • Heavier Pro-Grade Resistance Band
FREE Gift (From BeachBody):
  •  10 in 10 Weight Loss Plan – Shed up to 10 pounds in just 10 days!


About Tony Horton:

  • Creator of P90X®, P90X2®, Power 90®
  • Known as the "Master of Motivation," Tony has helped celebrities, professional athletes, and everyday folks get lean, defined bodies for 20 years