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The Brilliant Health and Fitness Club

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Leave your co-pays for broken bones or serious illnesses.

Join the Brilliant Health and Fitness Club to Receive Natural Health & Medical Health Benefits to Keep YOU Feeling AMAZING!

All our benefits are available to you 24/7/365 from ANYWHERE with phone/internet access.

Best part is your benefits below are for you & your immediate family who resides at the same address.  

 Your Very Own Health and Fitness Coach 

 24/7/365 Teladoc Access

 Nurse Hotline

 Vision Benefits

 Dental Benefits

 Health Advocate

 Medical Bill Saver

 Hearing Aids Savings

 Rx Discount Card

 Every Health Course & eBook on This Site!


Leave your fitness excuses in the past with 247/365 access to everything you need to get the body you desire…at a fraction of the cost of just 1 traditional personal trainer session!



Your Very Own Personal Trainer

 450+ Workouts with Video Demonstrations

 500+ Fitness Videos by Over 70+ Instructors

 Personalized Text Message Motivation & Tips 

 FitClients Goal Tracking & Motivation

 Private Members Only FaceBook Group Access

 Every Fitness eCourse & eBook We Offer!




For Life.

When you look & feel amazing then you NEED to be out enjoying all life has to offer. We'll help you by making enjoyment affordable through a Combination of Appreciation Vouchers & Savings on Other Services.



 Customer Appreciation Vouchers 

 FREE Brilliant Business Club Membership

 FREE First Aid/CPR Online Training & 10% OFF Certification






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