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Humanitarian Support

Our mission is to improve the overall wellness of the society we live in. We do this through our direct services and the support we offer to other humanitarian efforts. It's through this cooperative effort in which true impact can be achieved. Supports the Miracle League of the Lakeshore

We proudly support The Miracle League of the Lakeshore by being a Buddy Sponsor. This wonderful organization helps bring the sport of Baseball to any child between the ages of 4-19 who are faced with a physical or intellectual disability. If you would like to find out more the Miracle League of the Lakeshore and how you can get involved too, just check out their website by clicking HERE. 

 Supports the Get America Fit FoundationWe are proudly a Gold Ambassador of the Get America Fit Foundation. The mission of this organization is to stop the trend of obesity in America by providing fitness equipment, recreation equipment, and education to underfunded schools and communities in America. The Get America Fit Foundation's top priority is to increase public awareness of an active lifestyle and overall wellness. Click HERE to support this important initiative by donating to the Get America Fit Foundation.