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Gluten Information

All of the Nature's Sunshine products offered on this site are Gluten Free EXCEPT for the following:

Stock # Product
1089       THIM-J (Ingredient: Wheat Grass*)
1121       Women's X-Action (Ingredient: Oat Straw)
1133       Men's X-Action Reloaded (Ingredient: Oat Straw)
1345       Nature's Three (Ingredient: Oat Bran)
1348       LOCLO (Ingredient: Oat Bran)
1600       Herbal Beverage (Ingredient: Roasted Barley, Malt, Rye)
1619       Multiple Vitamins & Minerals T/R (Ingredient: Wheat Germ)
1626       Vitamin B-6 (Ingredient: Wheat Germ)
1654       Defense Maintenance (Ingredient: Barley Grass*, Wheat Grass*)
1778       Vitamin B Complex (Ingredient: Wheat Germ)
2486       Men's X-Action Reloaded (Ingredient: Oat Straw)
3332       VitaWave (Ingredient: Oat Straw)
55          Barley Juice Powder Concentrate (Ingredient: Barley Juice Extract)
823        Herbal CA (Ingredient: Oat Straw, Wheat Grass*)
826        Herbal CA ATC Concentrate (Ingredient: Oat Straw)
875        Energ-V (Ingredient: Barley Grass*)

*Ingredients that are harvested as young grasses. The young grasses are harvested before the seeds are produced, so are
generally free of gluten.


•The malt diastase ingredient in Proactazyme Plus is an enzyme that aids with the digestion of starch. It is from
fermentation of Hordeum vulgare (barley) but in the extraction process the gluten portion is left behind. This should not
be a concern for those with gluten intolerance. This ingredient does not contain gluten.
•Recently DISCONTINUED Gluten-Containing Dietary Supplements: pH GreenZone (1091), Ultimate GreenZone (1098, old
stock #), Vegetable Seasoning Broth (1393), SOD with Gliadin (1893), Nature's Sweet Life Calcium Crunch Dark Chocolate
(5454), Energ-V (854, old stock #), Men's X-Action (1113).
•Products that have been REFORMULATED to remove gluten-containing ingredients: Nutri-Calm (1617, 4803, 2493),
Super Supplemental (2488, 1792, 1809), and Vitamin B-Complex Balanced (1625) were reformulated in 2005 to remove

wheat germ and barley greens.