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NEVER WORRY About What To Do At The Gym Again...

Get NEW Ideas for Your workouts...

Develop New Workouts on Your Own...

Get NEW Workouts Designed by a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer...

EASILY Track ALL Your Results...


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Why It's Brilliant...

Brilliant FitBuilder is a world-class customizable fitness solution that can adapt to any workout situation you desire. It is perfect for anyone who regularyly works out regardless if it is at the gym, home, hotel room, or a combination of each. 


This awesome platform boast video and photographic tutorials of over 900 workouts and over 7,000 fitness moves. Each fitness move comes complete with tips and tracking capability. What's even better is you can customize any pre-made workout to fit your desires (over 900+) or totally create your own! 


Check Out This Video to SEE FitnessBuilder in Action...


Be The Envy of Your Fitness Friends.

You workout hard. Your fitness tools should work just as hard for you without getting in the way. FitBuilder was designed to not interfere with your workout as you track your progress. No need to hit a save button as FitBuilder automatically saves your entries as you progress through your workouts. Need to know what you did last time? No problem as each workout comes complete with prior history... including graphical charts!


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FitBuilder is Social.

Do you like to tell friends when you "crush it" after a hard workout? FitBuilder helps you keep your friends "in the know" of your awesomeness by allowing you to share your killer workouts with others via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

We like to think of it as providing inspiration for others to get in shape! 


Use FitBuilder Anywhere....Anytime.

FitBuilder demonstrates its true brilliance with its mobility. Your access comes with an included iPhone and/or Android application ($0 extra charge) so you can take FitBuilder with you anywhere your mobile device goes. Your work gets saved automatically to the FitCloud so you can seamlessly transition between devices.  If your going to go somewhere without internet connection, you can print a .pdf of your workouts and take them with you too! So don't worry about your trip to Antartica... we got your workout covered!

Brilliant FitBuilder desktop and mobile screenshots


Sample Pre-Made Workout Titles:

10 Minute Energy Booster (3 workouts)

10 Minute Fat Burner (3 workouts)

15 Minute Gut Buster (2 workouts)

20 Minute Circut (2 workouts)

30 Minute Circut (2 workouts)

3-Day Split Routines (6 workouts / 2 levels)

4-Day Split Routines (8 workouts / 2 levels)

5-Day Split Routines (5 workouts)

Abs & Core (11 workouts / 4 levels)

Armed & Ready (3 workouts)

Arnold Classic (2 workouts)

Back Basics (2 workouts)

Balance and Stability (3 workouts)

Beach Muscles for Men (3 workouts)

Belly Blaster (3 workouts)

Basketball Conditioning (3 workouts)

Best Butt Exercises (2 workouts)

Cardio Circut 

Cellulite Shrinker (2 workouts)

Complete Core (30 workouts / 8 levels)

Dumbells (9 workouts / 3 levels)

Extreme Abs (2 workouts)

Fat Loss Level 1 (12 workouts / 4 levels)

Weight Loss Level 1 (23 workouts / 6 levels)

Weight Loss Level 2 (28 workouts / 6 levels)

Worlds Strongest Man (2 workouts)

Plus Many More Workouts That Cover Every Aspect of Fitness!


Want More?

View The Promotional Videos For Some Of Our FitnessBuilder Workout Plans:


FitnessBuilder Fitness Plan: Muscle Confusion


FitnessBuilder Fitness Plan: Fat Loss


FitnessBuilder Fitness Plan: Strength Builder


Want FitnessBuilder & Professional Help From A Certified Personal Trainer?

Not sure what workouts to do? Don't worry. Our online fitness trainers can use FitBuilder to develop or recommend workouts for you which are based upon your goals.


Your custom workouts will developed & shared with you through the FitBuilder program! Just subscribe to the Brilliant Health and Fitness Club & you get access to our Personal Fitness Trainers at no extra charge!


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