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Member Benefits: FitClients Motivation

Need Fitness Motivation To Help You Stay On Track?

Sometimes the hardest challenge in reaching your fitness goals is... MOTIVATION! You start with a goal and work hard for the first couple of weeks and then you lose motivation and ultimately give up. Don't worry, we've all been there.


 Brilliant FitClients will keep you on track to reach your weight managment goals! 


Here's How:

1.  Set your weight mangagement goal inside Brilliant FitClients

-You can either use weight, body fat percentage, or body measurements as goals (loss or gain)


‚Äč2. Set a date to reach your goal


3. A check-in schedule is automatically established to give you "mini goals" throughout your journey

- Typically this is reporting your desired goal measurement on Tuesday. 


4. If you fail to checkin with your measurement.... an email is sent to you on the following day reminding you to report your progress


5. You receive encouraging emails for every checkin until you meet your weight management goal!



ALL Club Members Get Invited to Join our Super Exclusive (by invite only) Facebook Private Group!


Become motivated by others just like you. 


Daily posts offer motivation, challenges, healthy recipies, and more...


Joining the Brilliant Health and Fitness Club is EASY: 

Step #1: Take the FREE TOUR.

Step #2: Payment.

Step #3: Welcome to the Club & Enjoy Your Benefits!

You're on Step #1: Click Below to Contact Us, Join the Club Now, or Continue with the FREE TOUR:


Employee Wellness Program:

Employers: We Would LOVE to Provide and Mangage Your Employee Wellness Program. So if You're Looking for a Unique, Affordable, & Turn-Key Wellness Program to Offer Your Employees then We WANT to Speak With You.



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