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Worlds #1 Place for Reliable Health, Fitness, Nutrition, & Self-Development Information from a Certified Wellness Coach & Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.

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Brilliant U Health Blog Provides interesting and educational articles on natural and medical practices to help you learn about how your body works and how to cope with various ailments.

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  Brilliant U Blog: Holistic and Home Remedies category. Great articles on how to help you achieve wellness at home!  Brilliant U Blog: Body Education Category. Learn how your body works and functions so you can know how to keep your body healthy and feeling great!  Brilliant U Health Blog: Nature's Sunshine Information category. Find out everything you need to know about Nature's Sunshine and the opportunity to become an independent distributor.


Brillinat U Health Blog: Pregnancy category. Read great articles designed to help you get the knowledge you need for a healthy and safe pregnancy.  Brilliant U Health Blog: Children's Health category. Learn how to help your child stay healthy with information geared for childrens health.  Brilliant U Health Blog: LifeStyle Programs category. Discover great programs designed to help you live a healthy lifestyle so you can stay looking and feeling great for a lifetime!


Brilliant U Health Blog: Flu Remedies category. Learn what the flu is and how to best combat it from home with natural remedies.  Brilliant U Health Blog: Diabetes category. Learn about the different types of diabetes, how to live with it, and how to help combat its effects  Brilliant U Health Blog: Varicose Veins. Learn what varicose veins are, how to live with them, and your treatment options.


Brilliant U Health Blog: Learn what hemmorrhoids are, how to live with them, and how to treat them medically and naturally.

Brilliant U Fitness Blog: Get motivated for fitness and learn how to best get the body of your dreams!

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Brilliant U Fitness Blog: Brilliant Fitness Previews category. Watch video previews of the Brilliant Fitness on-demand platform.  Brilliant U Fitness Blog:Brilliant Fitness Information category. Get the information you need to be successfull with Brilliant Online Fitness.  Brilliant U Fitness Blog: Team BeachBody category. Learn about Team Beachbody and how you can join coach mike cummings to get your beachbody!


Brilliant U Fitness Blog: BodyBuilding category. Read articles on how to build the body of your dreams and get the "pump" you are looking for.  Brilliant U Fitness Blog: Fitness Motivation category. Find your motivation to start your fitness program with these helpfull articles.  Brilliant U Fitness Blog: Fitness Tips and Advice category. Get fitness tips and advice from a certified personal fitness trainer.


Brilliant U Fitness Blog: Weight loss for Women category. Read articles and watch videos on weight loss specifically for women from a certified personal fitness trainer.  Brilliant U Fitness Blog: Weight loss tips category. Get tips and advice for fast weight loss directly from a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.  Brilliant U Fitness Blog: Fitness products reviews. Read reviews of real fitness products so you can make informed buying decisions.


Brilliant U Fitness Blog: Weight loss for Moms category. Read articles and watch videos about the best ways for moms to achieve weight loss on a busy schedule from a certified personal fitness trainer and wellness coach.    Brilliant U Fitness Blog: Holiday Weight Loss category. Learn how to keep your weight management goals in check during the holiday seasons.

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Brilliant U Nutrition Blog: Vegetarian / Vegan Lifestyle category. Read articles on how to lead a successfull vegetarian/Vegan lifestyle.  Brilliant U Nutrition Blog: Healthy Recipes category. Get healthy recipes directly from brilliant health and fitness so you can eat healthy too!  Brilliant U Nutrition Blog: Healthy Dessert Recipes category. Get great tasting healthy dessert recipes directly from Brilliant Health and Fitness!

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Brilliant U Self-Development Blog: Personal Development category. Get personal development tips from life coach Michael Cummings.  Brilliant U Self-Development Blog: Family Life category. Read articles about living a healthy family life from Life Coach Michael Cummings.

Welcome to the Brilliant University Blog! Learn about health, fitness, nutrition, & self-development with articles from founder Michael Cummings.