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About Us

Look Better. Feel Better...LIVE BETTER.

Take Control of Your Health Today! is brought to you by Michael Cummings, founder of MCM Products, LLC in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  My mission is to provide world class natural health, fitness, and life solutions to empower people to live a healthier and happier life. I believe in the values of honesty, integrity, and trust.   


My Basic Philosophy:

As it pertains to a persons overall health, I believe there's a place for both medical and holistic (natural) help.  In either case, your personal healthcare starts with you and the decisions you make. I beleive you can have a positive impact on your overall wellbeing If you decide to take control of your own health and embrace preventative approach to your own personal healthcare. A motto I frequently say is: “May you never know the condition you prevented!” 


My basic belief is physical activity, proper diet to include supplementation, and education to make informed choices are key attributes in preventative healthcare.  Additonally, I understand that each person is unique so there is no one size fits all solution.  I aim to gain your trust and respect in helping you with informed choices and world class solutions to fit your unique situation.  


Real Solutions for Real People:

All of my solutions are designed to be customizable to each individual person, suite those with a busy lifestyle, be rated best in class, and be affordable.  Having world class tools at your disposal to assist you in living a healthy lifestyle shouldn't be inconvenient or break the bank.  To accomplish this goal, I broker partnerships with elite solution providers and utilze the most current technlogy to bring those benefits to you.  This is so I can help anybody in any location and not have to worrry about physical boundaries.  


Why One Brand of Supplementation: 

It is nearly impossible to get all the nutrients your body needs through diet alone.  Because of that impossibility, nutritional supplementation is necessary for overall health.  With so many supplements available, finding the right ones for you can be hard and confusing.  In fact, they sometimes seem like they all do the same thing.  


I recognized this problem and am here for you!  To start, we offer over 600 high quality products to help you with all of your health goals.  You can use the "Aillment Search" on the top right to find products that may help for you aillment.  Each product on our site has a complete summary of its benefits, ingredients, and usage.  If you need additonal information, each product is linked to the product catalog.  The product catalog details what each ingredient does in each product and sites resources of the information provided.

Why does only offer Nature’s Sunshine?  Let's start with the facts: #1: 85% of all supplements are not made by the name on the label so they cannot guarantee their purity, potency, or safety. FACT#2: The supplement industry is not regulated by the FDA so regulation is up to the supplement companies.  Since we know these facts and give advice to our clients, we did the research to find a trustworthy supplement company which provides the highest quality supplements on the planet and guarantees purity, potency, and safety.  After all, if you are ingesting something to help you, you need to be confident that product will help instead of hurt you. FACT #3: We are in the results business. Clients come to us for help obtaining the results they need in the areas of fitness and wellness. We can be confident in the path chosen to get our clients their desired results by only using products that we trust and would use ourselves.


Nature’s Sunshine was the only supplement manufacturer which makes their own products and passed our strict quality/trust criteria to recommend to our clients.  Additionally, we use Nature's Sunshine producgts ourselves in our personal lives.   



When you visit our site, it is important to know we are professionals and maintain 100% confidentiality.  We will never share your personal information with anyone, period.  In fact, you will find you get treated like family when you trust us with your preventative healthcare needes. 


Legal note: We are Certified Personal Trainers, Certified Wellness Coaches, & Natural Health Consultants.  It is important to know that we are not doctors so we will never give you medical advice or tell you to stop seeing a doctor for a condition.  Instead, we can recommend natural supplements, dietary advice, and exercise tips that we would personally use to reach a wellness or fitness goal.